The Iconic Lady Hel Seeks Revenge in This Brand-New NFT Comic Book

Lady Hel Issue 1 NFT comic book by Erik Burnham Zhengis Tasbolatov Lucio Parrillo Daniel Maine Mike Mahle Geebo Vigonte Rachel Hollon Cosplay Dynamite Entertainment Virtua Without Date V2
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Lady Hel embarks on her latest journey through the underworld - or should that be "underworlds"...?

Available Now!

Lady Hel – Issue #1

She is the very personification of death…or at least she was. Having paid the price for messing with the half-demon Purgatori, the now-deposed Lady Hel must find a way to seize back her throne. There’s just one problem – she no longer has the power to do much more than exist. 

Having already rampaged through Dynamite’s Chaos universe, and featured in epic mini-series alongside the likes of Vampirella, Red Sonja, and the aforementioned Purgatori, Lady Hel’s fate now lies in the hands of fan-favourite writer Erik Burnham (Ghostbusters, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and rising star artist Zhengis Tasbolatov…

Don’t forget our exclusive and limited-edition Chase Variant issue, featuring a stunning 2D animated cover by Lucio Parrillo! Every issue also includes Virtua’s signature text on/off feature, so you can admire the epic artwork with nothing in the way.

This very special NFT comic book is also available one day before the physical comic’s general release on Wednesday 17 August – so don’t wait before devouring the start of Lady Hel’s latest adventure!

Available on the Virtua NFT Marketplace:

Issue #1, Chase Variant, 2D animated Lucio Parrillo cover – 50 minted at $19.99

Issue #1, Daniel Maine cover – 150 minted at $6.99

Issue #1, Mike Mahle cover – 100 minted at $6.99

Issue #1, Geebo Vigonte cover – 75 minted at $6.99

Issue #1, Rachel Hollon cosplay cover – 25 minted at $6.99

Your Virtua NFT comic books come in a range of versions

Whether you’re a fan of a longer read and prefer our volumes, or enjoy collecting individual issues, you’ll find a Virtua NFT digital comic book that fits the bill!

Our volumes come in two unique versions (a standard digital edition, and a limited-edition Director’s Cut with a 2D animated cover), while our single issues offer you the choice of a standard digital edition, or a special Chase Variant with an awesome 2D animated cover. 

Our Dynamite Director’s Cuts and Chase Variants have proven to be immensely popular with collectors and fans. Many have sold out within hours of dropping, and one even sold out within 60 minutes – so grab your favourites while you still can!

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