Hell Sonja Debuts Exclusively on Terra Virtua in This Brand-New NFT Comic Book

Hell Sonja #1 NFT Comic Book
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In this world exclusive, Dynamite Entertainment's Hell Sonja is officially available as a stunning NFT comic book...

Available Now

Hell Sonja Issue 1 Comic Book NFT

Hell Sonja – Issue #1

Ruling over Hell as the Queen of Damnation, Hell Sonja has had her share of evil encounters, but now she’s finding that life quite dull – she needs a change of scene and scouring the multiverse of the most dark and depraved villains is just what the doctor ordered. 

Fresh from the Sonjaverse, comic book fans can now devour Hell Sonja in her very own story, while still featuring the characters they’ve grown to love such as Blue Sonja, Moon Sonja, Gold Sonja and, of course, Red Sonja. 

Dynamic duo Christopher Hastings (Deadpool, Gwenpool) and Pasquale Qualano (Sonjaversal) are spoiling readers with the next chapter in the Sonjaverse promising death, destruction and a hell of a ride. 

Don’t forget you can read Hell Sonja on Terra Virtua before it’s released anywhere else in the world, but make sure to snap it up quick because once they’re gone, they’re gone! 

Versions available in the NFT Marketplace:

Single Issue, 2D – 500  minted at $6.99
Single Issue, 2D, Directors Cut – 100 minted at $19.99

Many across the world deem Red Sonja as one of the most incredible heroines in the comic book world. 

Based on the character created  by Robert E. Howard in The Shadow of the Vulture (1934) , the Red Sonja, we know and love was born to the comic world in 1973. In the 40 years since, readers have seen Red Sonja become a firm favourite and as a result has made way for revivals and spin offs. 

Now a new variant, Hell Sonja, is here and this time as a digital NFT comic book.

Welcome to the Sonjaverse!

Until now we’ve seen Red Sonja team up with the likes of Conan, but what about someone who really gets her?

Fresh from Sonjaversal this incredible series sees Christopher Hastings (Deadpool, Gwenpool) and Pasquale Qualano (Sonjaversal) introduce us to Hell Sonja,  Queen of Damnation in her own right as she rules over of the fire pits of suffering and eternal hunger. 

Hell Sonja may be the Queen of mean, but that doesn’t mean she can do everything alone, which is why she’s teaming up with the likes of Blue Sonja, Moon Sonja, Gold Sonja and the woman who started it all, Red Sonja. 

You're in for a hell of a ride...

While all of these women try and work out the mysteries of the multiverse, Hell Sonja has work to do and travelling through realities might just make it easier. She’s finally done with the evil stuff and instead has set her sights on searching through time and space to find the most depraved and dangerous villains to feed to the depths of hell and help her fellow Sonja’s remove those who are the most evil from their universes. 

If you’re looking for a complex and dark series sprinkled with humour, you’re in the right place. As explained by creator Christopher Hastings “It’s the A-Team meets Hellraiser across a span of wildly different fantasy and sci-fi worlds, care of an elite squad of multiversal Red Sonja alternates”, going as far as to say that this is “easily the most mental thing I’ve ever worked on.”

With stunning artwork and a story that’s sure to tie you up in knots, this is one series that every Red Sonja fan needs to get their hands on. 

Hell Sonja Panel

These aren't just any comics... these are Terra Virtua comics!

Whether you choose the standard issue or the Director’s Cut, you will be able to experience the wonder of a Terra Virtua digital comic book.

You can read your digital comics in our reader just as you would expect, but then the real magic starts! It’s easy to toggle your page to view with the text on or off. This means you can finally see the amazing artwork in full detail without all the lettering boxes and balloons. For true comic fans, this is a huge thrill. We love this feature and hope that you will too!

And ramping it up to 11, our animated versions bring the cover art to life even more! 

Age-rated teen plus

Dynamite® & © 2022 Dynamite.  All Rights Reserved. Red Sonja® & © 2022 Red Sonja, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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