Li’l Vampi Features in an All-New Festive Adventure for the Very First Time in a Brand-New Digital Comic Book Release

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Dynamite's tiniest hero, Li'l Vampi is here to save Christmas in her very own collectible NFT comic book...

Available Now!

Li'l Vampi Holiday Special

In a Holiday Special, Li’l Vampi takes on Christmas, now available for the first time as an NFT (non-fungible token). With creative collaboration from Brian Joines (Krampus, Secret Identities) and Thiago Vale (Chakra the Invincible) brining a festive adventure. 

The residents of Stoker, Maine are counting down to Christmas and Li’l Vampi is the most excited of them all. But when an evil curse steals all the memories of Christmas there’s only one person who can save them, Vampi herself! It’s up to her to save Santa Claus, bring down a pagan god seeking revenue and save Christmas for every boy and girl around the world! 

This issue also features the story of Pantha the Were-Panther, you won’t want to miss it!  

Versions available in the Marketplace:
Li’l Vampi Holiday Special – 2D – 1,000 minted at $6.99

Originally created in 2014 by Eric Trautmann (Vampirella, Red Sonja) as a spinoff from Dynamite’s favourite Vampire Goddess Vampirella, Li’l Vampi is a whole lot of trouble, but is as cute as a button!

In this festive special brought to you by Brian Joines (Krampus, Secret Identities) and Thiago Vale (Chakra the Invincible), Li’l Vampi is the perfect heroine for all ages! 

Meet Li'l Vampi – the tiny vamp with big plans!

Stoker, Maine might seem like a normal suburban town, but things aren’t quite what they seem. Li’l Vampi, our pint-sized hero, is always there to save the day. Whether it’s chasing ghouls and goblins, contending with sea serpents in the docks or banishing a mummy in the town hall – Li’l Vampi is on the case!

She may be small, but she’s not one to be messed with. 

Can Li'l Vampi save Christmas in time?!

Christmas is so exciting and no one is going to steal Li’l Vampi’s plans for festive fun! Lights, candy canes and most importantly presents! Li’l Vampi has been a very good girl this year…well she tried at least. Everything’s going smoothly, that is until an evil Pagan wants to steal Christmas and ruin everything (he’s probably got ideas from that green guy!). 

As a curse spreads around the world making everyone forget about Christmas, Vampi knows that she needs to use all of her powers to save the world, otherwise Christmas is doomed and so are her presents! Teaming up with her Immortal Were-Panther,  Pantha and Yule-Cat it’s time to save Christmas before it’s too late!  

Will Li’l Vampi and her friends be able to get the job done or is Christmas gone forever…

Li’l Dyna-mites TM & ©️ 2021 Dynamite. All Rights Reserved. Li’l Vampi ® & © 2021 Dynamite Characters, LLC.  All Rights Reserved. Dynamite (R) Rated: All Ages

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