Terra Virtua — Development Update

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Welcome to our development updates! We will endeavour to keep this channel as an ongoing information source of everything going on in the engine room in Terra Virtua. We will try to keep to a bi-weekly schedule, and talk about what we are currently up to. Our development roadmap is pretty expansive, and we are adjusting to life after launch, where we are making tweaks and optimisations to the existing platform as well building cool new stuff.

One thing we would like to do though, is thank the incredible art, development and production team who have always, always pulled out all the stops to make things happen. Huge shout to everyone! You know who you are…. 🙂

Ok let’s get started:

The Ecosystem

1: Fancave Customization

Up until now, all of the Terra Virtua Users had similar Fancave instances; your 3D environment to view, arrange and show off your prized digital collectibles, on your PC and Laptops.

This is our most active user touch point at the moment (right after web marketplace).

Moving forward, you’ll be getting an ability to customize the following inside your Fancave;

  • Walls
  • Floors
  • Furniture (Sofas, Cupboards)
  • Ornaments (Lamps, Planters)

This will allow you to have a personalized instance of your fancave, based upon the collections you have. These customizations will be available for purchase as non-nft items on a sub marketplace very soon.

A Beta for Fancave Customization has already been submitted to the Epic Store for this purpose. (or, we might even let you buy it from within the Fancave without leaving the PC environment at all!)

There is also a future suggestion of allowing the users to upload their own mesh files for Fancave customizations. What are your thoughts on that?

2: The Terra Dome

Terra Virtua is bringing more and more licensed IPs from some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry for you and that simply means, you need a bigger space to show them off.

The Fancave serves as a PC environment for your vFlects, Posters and basic 3D models. The Terra Dome is going to be the place to put your bigger items, like Planes, Spaceships, Creatures and more.

Here’s a sneak preview of how it is looking.. (and it is looking good!)

The Terra Dome is in final stages of development with Q/A and optimization updates going on. You can expect to see new and upcoming Lost in Space and Top Gun collectibles in this amazing environment this October.

3: The Terra Gallery

This is a big one!

Since the Crypto Art space is growing as the next generation of Art Collectibles in the world, our amazing community has been asking for this for a while now. Here we’re responding to what they want from us! We however are taking a slightly different approach and even working with mainstream artists to help them advance their art into VR and animation. We are initially working on a curated marketplace with partners, then will be opening it up to the wider art community.

The Terra Gallery will be launching with two sets of “1 of 1” collectibles

– Stunning Concept Art pieces behind every vFlect Family

– Curated Art Collections from some unique talent

(V2 will be opening up the platform for Crypto Artists to upload and mint their artworks on demand, and put for sale directly on Terra Virtua Marketplace. Keep your inner artist updated with news from this space!)

The V1 of Terra Gallery is going to be a 3D Environment for your PC and Laptops. Once signed in, you’ll be able to glance through various Artists’ and Collections, and add them to your wishlists.

Then you’ll go to the Terra Virtua Website, and you’ll find your amazing artwork waiting for you to be added to your cart and bought, just like any other NFT on the marketplace.

You’ll also have the ability to glance through the “Art Gallery” section of the website, filter and search through artists and collections, and just buy them with your regular Metamask ETH account or via Credit Card. It does mean some updates to our current filter and search sections, but you can expect to get your hands on this exciting new offering by Terra Virtua by Mid-September.

4: Web Marketplace

Firstly, we’d like to take a moment to thank our community for loving our website. We’ve been getting praises, feedback and comments from our Discord and other support channels, based upon which, we’ve also made some adjustments in our filter, navigation and cart system.

Now, it is time to change some look and feel of the main Marketplace landing, to a much simpler view..

The White Mode! The entire team has been split down the middle in terms of preference. We are also making the thumbnails larger without breaking the mobile view, which happens if titles are too long.

This not only will allow you to see a clearer detail on your high fidelity items, but will also serve a great view for showing up digital artworks, at par with 2D and 3D collectibles, in the same view.

And for those of you, who asked for, and loved our Dark Mode, it will now be available as a toggle on all mobile and desktop webviews as default!

Some other “secret news,” our cart checkouts now support PROMO CODES.

Just for that announcement, use PROMOLAUNCH the next time you buy something from Terra Virtua, and the first 30 orders will get a 10% discount. (This is a reward for reading so far..).

5: Augmented Reality Mobile Apps

Since we’re still in process for app store approval for our iOS application, however Android users can enjoy the luxury of seeing their digital collectibles in augmented reality, snap and record it, and share it across all social media platforms directly!

Image for post
Lost in Space on Your Driveway in AR!

These applications initially were meant to be just viewer applications for 3D view of your inventory, much more is coming! Grab it here!

6: VR Fancave:

This is one of our most awaited product modules which our community has been patiently waiting for since the very start.

– The ability to hold your Collectibles with your bare hands in VR.

– The ability to touch and interact with your Avatar

– The ability, simply to be “in” your Terra Virtua environments!

Well guess what, we’re just on final stages of submission for both Oculus Rift, and Oculus Quest!

Image for post
VR Fancave

Fancave is going to be your first Terra Virtua 3D environment for VR built on Unreal Engine and Terra Dome is following up. We’re expecting the VR part of our ecosystem to come alive this holiday season.


This part of the update covers the systemwide important updates happening and scheduled for launch in next 5 months.

1: Blockchain

At the moment, Terra Virtua is only supporting the Ethereum MainNet. Since we’re absorbing the costs for gasless transactions for our FIAT customers, factors like the network congestion, ever-fluctuating ETH prices and dApps overload, is causing delays sometimes in transactions in past few weeks.

Since our customers are great, our support is (very) good, and our blockchain team is watching over the network 24/7, we’re able to process 100% of transactions happening on our system successfully.

But to rectify such problems, once and for all, Terra Virtua is restructuring its blockchain layer. In a nutshell, this update will allow;

– The opening up of terra Virtua contracts to the main ETH net, allowing Terra Virtua Legacy users to take their inventory to any outside marketplace OpenSea and trade/auction/sell it there.

(In that case, of course, you’ll not be able to use the amazing digital products of our ecosystem, like Fancave, or terra Dome, or AR mobile App, but you’ll always have the ability/option to bring it back to ecosystem)

– The ability to support cross-chain transactions for all EVM based sidechains

– Maintaining Cross-chain providence of every Terra Virtua asset on our ecosystem!

We’re hopeful, as you are, that Ethereum 2.0 update will solve most of the above mentioned problems by default, still, we’re committed to provide our audience with the best, seamless NFT buying and transferring experience for every asset we’ve ever created, for the all of times!

2: 2D Animated Assets:

The launch of the Crypto Art section, is also coupled with the launch of 2D animated NFTs, we classify as 2DA.

The first batch of inventory is going to be the rarest Iconic Collection, for the greatest movie of all times, “The Godfather.”

So if you’re a movie buff, this is going to be your chance to collect these beautiful 2D animated art works, for this timeless classic very soon.

Image for post
One of the Godfather 2DA Collectibles

You will be able to use these 2DA items in your customizable 3D environments and AR app, just like other 2D posters, (but yeah, they’ll look way more cool than them!)


1: Matic

While our quest with side-chains is still on, we’re happy to find partners every now and then, who are as enthusiastic about their product, and their business as we are. Matic is turning out to be one hell of a crew!

The product not only solves all the transaction and minting related issues on Ethereum MainNet which is halting developers from blockchain at the moment, but is also led by a team of seasoned, supportive professionals.

Their proposed POS transactional solution for ERC-721 is one of the most promising prospects available on market. It’s in the finalization stages, expected to be deployed on Matic MainNet later this month.

Terra Virtua is looking forward to working with MATIC as a true scalable sidechain solution but which gives our crypto customers the most flexibility. For our casual users they get speed and security without the congestion issues plaguing the mainnet right now.

That’s all folks, you’re all caught up!

Dont forget to follow us on DiscordTelegramTwitter and Instagram. There is a LOT more to come, so keep following!

Jawad and Azeemi

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