September Development Update — getting Artsy

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“The best way to predict the future is to create it!” or “the more things change the more they stay the same”.

Welcome to another post of Terra Virtua Developer Updates. This has been an exciting time for us, as we have finally launched our Art ecosystem. We now are working hard to bring on some amazing names — people in the mainstream who have not been in this space before, and also to bring the best artists in the crypto space to our platform. But: Baby steps.

The Ecosystem

1: Terra Art Gallery

The Terra Art Gallery is this month’s highlight.

People go to galleries to admire art at every angle. This is something completely lost on traditional art websites. The experience and thrill of viewing artwork is simply not there looking at a webpage. What we are trying here is something new — and we expect to shape this over the next month or so into something special and different. The focus will be onboarding artists and refining the experience.

As promised in our last update, The Terra Art Gallery is officially live now. The soft launch happened on the 10th of September, and we’re going full throttle on the 18th of September. With Artwork already sold, the Terra Art Gallery is a promising and exciting addition in the Terra Virtua Ecosystem.

The digital artwork section is divided into two types of curation;

  • Galleries: Which will house some of the biggest galleries and curators in the world.
  • Independent Artists: Crypto and digital artists, selling their art works independently. While this section is curated by the Terra Virtua art selection committee, it will eventually become something which is community driven
  • DAO, Staking and Rewards are all ideas close to our hearts. We are watching what works and what does not in the space and, like we always do will be focusing on the best solution for our artists and users.

We are discussing new ideas around bringing in new artists and also working with artists to help adapt their art to be more interactive. We are working one on one with some amazing talent and their collections will be featured soon. Also the categorisations will likely change as we mature our approach.

The 3D Environment for your PC now allows you to sign in with your Terra Virtua credentials and see all available artwork. You can walk through the gallery, add your picks to your wishlist, and can then simply checkout by adding them to your cart on the Terra Virtua website.

The simple interface which pops up with Escape and Enter Key (also accessible via Menu button in item details) allows users to navigate between various artists, and collections. We already have feedback on this — the menu will auto load when you open it in the next release.

The downloader is available from the art section of the website, and also on the introduction page. Download the Terra Art Gallery for PC , and get ready for a new experience.

Oh and dont forget — our Android App allows you to see your newly bought art works in Augmented Reality!

2: Web Marketplace

The addition of digital artwork has added some significant changes in the marketplace filter system. The available NFTs are now divided into two parts;

  • Collectibles
  • Artwork

with each section having their independent filters and listings, while keeping the same user experience throughout the website.

Artist Profile Page

Another significant addition to the website is the Artist Profile Page. It is a public page catering all the artwork from a curated or independent artist. This allows artists to showcase and share their Terra Virtua hosted artworks anywhere on the web and social media platforms.

The page is directly accessible via link, and also from the “More” section on item details for any artwork (for that certain artist).

With this, Terra Virtua has opened up opportunities for global artists, art communities, collectors and galleries to sell and auction digital artworks, authenticated by the blockchain; allowing an everlasting providence to art pieces!

Other minor but significant inclusions in the website are;

  • Image Viewer for 2D and 2D Animated
  • Lazy Loading for UI, for a smooth experience in the marketplace
  • Redeem Feature for marketing campaigns/giveaways (added to the inventory section)
  • 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) via email, for enhanced security to prevent unauthorized sign-ins

3: Art in AR on your mobile

The mobile application has full support for art — these will appear in your phone inventory, and when you view in AR, you can visually unbox it. Buy the artwork online and then see in your lounge, in high fidelity — in AR. We love it 🙂

There is so much more to talk about, but we felt it best to keep this update all about art! Keep an eye on our social as we announce new artists who have never been in the space before. We are so excited!

Jawad and Azeemi

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