October Development Update

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It’s that time of the month again, when we tell you about the amazing things happening in Terra Virtua. As Terra Virtua’s profile increases we’re pouring our hearts and souls (and of course hours) to bring you the most amazing collectibles’ experiences in the world.



The Fancave is already one of the most used components of the Terra Virtua ecosystem, and we’re getting some amazing feedback from our initial users on its experience, and how it is reshaping their idea of collecting. But that wasn’t enough, as;

a. It is supposed to be a small, personalized space

b. You cannot store your spaceships, cars, monsters or planes in it!

This created a need for a bigger, wider open space, with the ability to display larger items. The Terra Virtua team has been working away for for months to create a solution, and finally, the crown jewel of the Terra Virtua ecosystem, the Terradome, was launched on the 13th of October.

Since its launch last week, the reception has been amazing from our community, with more assets being added all the time!

A View of the Terradome

The Terradome holds bigger NFTs like vehicles, planes, robots, creatures and spaceships (yes, you read it right… spaceships!).

The launch was coupled with some amazing 3D and 3D animated “Creature Week” collectibles from Lost in Space . From living, breathing cave creatures to gigantic alien ships, the Terradome is a true embodiment of fandom and collecting in the digital world!

The Terradome was primarily designed to house 3D and 3D animated objects, which were too large to place inside the Fancave. But from the initial feedback we’re getting, we are thinking of modifying the environment to allow 2D and 2D animated NFTs in the same space as well. Since this is an initial response, and we are still learning about how you feel about it, we can’t promise a timeline on it. However, the idea is certainly hitting the management tables! Let us know what you think.

Terra Art Gallery

Since its launch last month, the Art Gallery has received a huge amount of appreciation from both Crypto and Traditional Art worlds. Terra Virtua has sold its first $3000 Artwork by an independent artist and is ready for much more to come.

This month, we’re enhancing Terra Art Gallery with two new sections; Preview and Exhibition. So with the update planned in the upcoming week, Terra Art Gallery will be divided in three specialized sections.

  1. Available: This section will hold the current view of the gallery, where you’re able to browse through all the available for sale artworks in the beautiful 3D PC gallery, and add them to your wishlist, to later buy them from the website.
  2. Preview: Previews are going to be a sneak peak of upcoming Artists scheduled to be released in the Terra Art Gallery. This will not only help build anticipation and awareness for the community, but will also allow Artists to showcase their upcoming artworks to their non-crypto fan bases.
  3. Exhibition: This is more of a fun section! A place where selected artists, artworks and select wallet items across various crypto art communities will be displayed, regardless of the fact that they are (or ever will be) a part of Terra Virtua’s ecosystem or not.


1: Sound Integration

For all of you who have been asking, if there is going to be sound with your cool NFTs in Terra Virtua, the answer now is Yes!

With the rollout of our first ever digital art piece by Amrita Sethi, we now have a sound module integrated throughout the Terra Virtua ecosystem. You can listen to sounds inside all Terra Virtua environments with your NFTs, i.e.

  • Marketplace Website
  • Terra Art Gallery
  • Fancave
  • Terra Dome
  • Mobile App (Android AR view)
AR unboxing of art with sound

This opens up a whole new world of sound integration modules for the product. Very soon, you might be able to hear your “Lost in Space” Robot calling out the infamous line, “Danger, Will Robinson!”

There is still a question of “when” on all such integrations with so much going on, but it surely is on the roadmap now, as the whole ecosystem can now process and literally “render” sound!

2: PC Installer

We at Terra Virtua, always try to bring our users the best experience of the digital world. That not only includes the ease of navigation and coherence of the product across all of its components, but also keeps a uniform experience between different environments.

With that in mind, we’ve been hard at work for the last three months to create a unified installer for all of the Terra Virtua PC components for 3D environments, and the installer is finally here.

It not only allows you to install all of the components in one go, but also enable users to switch between environments seamlessly. All you have to do, is to install the Terra Virtua PC experience and log in to the system once. It then allows you to pick and choose, and also switch between Fancave and TerraDome.

There is much more on its way in the next few months, and we don’t want to give any more spoilers, but for those of you who are wondering about the uniquely shaped plinths in the Terra Dome, here is a small hint;

“I feel the need — the need for speed!”

Stay safe, stay in touch, and keep collecting!

And don’t forget to connect with us on DiscordTelegramTwitter and Instagram.

Jawad and Azeemi

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