November Developer Update

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It’s time to dive into the development team at Terra Virtua to see what we’ve been up to over the last month, developing new features, enhancements, and even products.


1: Work in progress: Collections!

Yes, you read it right! Terra Virtua is soon to get its collections module all around the ecosystem. The purpose is not only to engage fans and collectors more with the brand but to actually create a meaningful, gamified experience of collecting.

The collections will not only be the start of a profile badging system for the users but eventually will also unlock special items based upon certain completed collections. The users with high ranking and numbered badges will also be able to participate in various VIP invites, programs, gallery previews, high auctions, and token related activities in our Prestige Program.

Don’t know about our TVK Prestige Program? Well, this is just a teaser for it, stay tuned! 🙂

2: Terra Art Gallery

Since the Preview section went live in Terra Art Gallery, the anticipation of upcoming artwork is building like anything. The idea that you can already see the ready to launch items in the gallery, and plan ahead for your art collections, is really appreciated by the community. Think of it as a VIP cocktail event, but with social distancing.

We’re now taking it one step further, with the launch of the “Exhibition” section in the gallery. This section is dedicated to our love of art. Regardless of the fact that these amazing Art pieces are not part of the Terra Virtua ecosystem, we’re bringing you some of the finest Digital Art Collections for prestige Crypto Collectors and Artists inside Terra Virtua 3D Art Gallery.

Terra Art Gallery Exhibits

We are working with Gabby Dizon for our first streamed exhibition to showcase some amazing artists and to discuss their work. Keep an eye out for the date, it’s going to be the first of its kind!

3: Fancave — Customizations

Since the launch, you have loved every bit of the Fancave. It has not only given a high fidelity 3D view of NFTs for the first time in Crypto history but has also raised the bar of how “collecting” is understood among the community.

One thing that the community asked for was more variety in the look and feel of the Fancave. People want to make it their own. One user might want to see their vFlects in a shiny, modern interior, while others would want to hang their Godfather posters in gloomy dark environments (and dwell on the whole Cannoli incident).

Fancave Customisations 1/3

Fancave Customisations 2/3
Fancave Customisations 3/3

We strongly believe in providing the best experience of collectibles all across its ecosystem for everyone. We have decided not to sell the customization items on the marketplace, but offer them for FREE! There will be over 100+ customization items for you to make the space your own! Our elves in QA are working on this and hoping we can get this in your stocking in time!

4: The Augmented Reality Mobile App

Until now, the 3D view of your NFTs has only been available on Android devices which are on the Google ARCore support list or they support the Google Play Services for AR.

This was causing a major inconvenience for users whose devices were not compatible or in regions where these services are not yet available.

By end of December 2020, all Terra Virtua Android App users will have an option to view their 3D Digital Items in a ​3D viewer on mobile​ (just like they do on our Website), with the same level of details and fidelity.

We’re hard at work to find a better solution for our community with devices that aren’t currently supported and also are hopeful that Android will soon bring all its LENS features to most devices, enhancing the capability of interactive AR to a whole wider community of Android Devices.

The iOS mobile app is yet another challenge we are working on and we’ll keep you posted on this as it progresses.


1. Blockchain Openness

At the start, when Terra Virtua was just a concept, the idea was to keep a closed ecosystem for NFTs (for a while) for two basic reasons;

  1. To ensure all our NFTs are transferred only by Terra Virtua Admin signature, avoiding the chance of anything being stolen from user wallets, i.e, as of now, every transfer needs two signatures, one from the user and other from admin contract
  2. To maintain the visual authenticity of all types of NFTs (2D, 2DA, 3D, 3DA) across the platform

But, what we’ve found out over the course of our Public Beta run, the crypto community wants interoperability. They want their assets to be tradeable out of the ecosystem as well.

Taking that into account, we’ve been hard at work to give our users what they want. As you’re reading this, the development team is working on blockchain interoperability for not only the upcoming inventory but also for every single one of our legacy items.

For those of you who are interested in technical details, the overall process has been broken down into 4 major steps, out of which, we’re revealing just two for you, for now.

  1. Event-Based System: Currently, all Terra Virtua transactions take place first in our system and then are relayed on Blockchain for asset transfers. That does add a queuing of items and though, every single user who’s ever bought on Terra Virtua has got their items, but in 3 particular cases, it has taken 18 to 24 hours for transactions to go through. After this update, our system will be watching over the status (sale, purchase, bids, transfer events, cart status) of every single one of our NFTs over the ethereum network in realtime, meaning; the transactions will first happen on blockchain and will then be updated on our system DB for systemwide asset transfer. This part of the system will be ready by the end of December.
  2. Open Blockchain Transactions: This part of the update will allow users to transfer/trade all their existing Terra Virtua NFTs outside the ecosystem and also trade on open markets like OpenSea.

This part of deployment will follow up the Event-Based system change and we’re expecting to have it up and running in early Q1, 2021.

It does come with its limitations though, and we are working through what impact this has — watch this space. The key takeaway is that you will have the ability to take any asset anywhere. The wall will be history.

  1. Open Contract Deployment (for base layers) — Q2, 2021
  2. Cross Chain Communication — Q2, 2021


Tick tock — it’s finally coming!

The contract is done, dusted, ready and audited, so keep an eye out for our next update where we’ll reveal all!

That’s it for now. Stay safe, stay in touch, and keep collecting!

And don’t forget to connect with us on Discord, Telegram, Twitter and Instagram.

Jawad and Azeemi

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