The Weekly Dev Update, Jan 22nd, Summary

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We are excited to announce the start of our new show on Discord called 'The Dev Weekly Update'!

Hosted by our head of community, Jaka and each week we will have our developers come on the show and give insights on topics requested by the community. For our first show, we are joined by our CTO Anis and our Lead Developer Nabeel on the show to discuss Virtua Cribs and the top 10 priority updates we are building for it. Additionally, we went through the FAQ from our community and answered some of them.

Top 10 Priority Crib Updates

Number 1 — Easier functionality on decorating cribs

  • Items can go directly “on the wall” and can be adjusted to size, location, etc. without having to line it up on the wall first, grid style with placements
  • Allowing an easier option to place an item on a surface such as a table in a form of “attach to” you only need to adjust size and location.
  • Free form building as an option, attach mode with grid as a standard
  • Hotkeys for size/rotation, as not everyone is using a mouse on laptops and it is also much easier to just go degree by degree hotkeys
  • Allow furniture/objects to be drag/drop with mouse control instead of keys (like Elder scrolls online housing)

Number 2 — Copyright-free music in Cribs + NFT Music owners owns

  • Add a gramophone/radio (just like with the old fancave) under furniture which can play music

Number 3 — Chat bubbles on top of the vFlect when a chat message is sent, so you can see when someone sends a message

  • This one is self-explanatory

Number 4 — When updating cribs, make an announcement or a pop-up

  • This one also explains itself

Number 5 — Improved controls

  • Undo/reset button when arranging or sizing objects
  • Option to make vFlect move slower
  • Make it available to exit screens by pressing ESC

Number 6 — Search or filter function for inventory in crib to find collections easier

  • Once again, needs no further explanation

Number 7 — Active crib links 

  • A link people can provide for others to explore their crib when they are offline
  • An option for a permanent link to be toggled on/off for each separate crib, deciding if your crib is open to anyone or not

Number 8 — More ways to customize your walls!

  • Add memory to a palette so people can easily find colours they recently used.
  • Allow people to resize their wallpaper
  • Different Art Frames, as most art/comic on Virtua Marketplace doesn’t fit will in what we have now.
  • Floor/ceiling/lights customization (There are grey areas you can’t customize at the moment)

Number 9 — Option to read comic books in the crib (load up the reader) + Comic book rack instead of picture frames on the wall

  • No further explanation needed

Number 10 — Small crib should be bigger. They feel underwhelming especially for 775 ADA

  • This change is not confirmed at the moment, but we are talking about it. We are looking into different options. Let’s leave it for the meantime until we might have more idea, but the developers are already looking into the option

Bonus Number 11 — Ability to change your vFlect to an avatar

  • Says it all right there

These are the 10 points (plus one bonus one), that it’s going to be integrated. We’re going to share the pipeline, the roadmap of those releases, going forward, but we’ll do our best to make this cribs something that you as a user and owner will be proud about.

Frequently Asked Questions from the Community

Q: Is this top 10 points a backlog to implement, already implemented and just waiting for release, or just idea that still need to be validated?

A: All the top 10 points being mentioned are confirmed, and it’s going into production. This was basically confirmed this week, and now the developers just need to put it into the pipeline and then put it in the section on what is coming out when. 

Q: Will you be making cribs compatible with touchpad mouse and not just wheel mouse?

A: Yes! On the control point that was being discussed, there’s a part of having a keyboard hotkeys which will fix that issue.

Q: Will we be able to place mini-game leaderboards in our crib when the game becomes available?

A: That is one of Anis suggestion and we would love to have and to do that.

That sums it up for all for the Q&A that occurred in this podcast, but keep on sending in questions and hopefully we’ll get around to answering them.

That is all for the 1st (hopefully of many) weekly developer updates, so please do give it a listen if you have time, and hope you enjoy the rest of your day!

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