Walking While Sitting

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Seems like a weird thing to deal with right? But it’s one of the very real issues with VR. When you experience motion that is reserved, in your mind, for when you are standing up, then your brain gets confused. This is called ‘sensory conflict’ More often than not, this results in feeling super sick.

A simple example is, if you are in a VR rollercoaster, you are sitting on a chair. Your brain knows you are sitting down, and the motion around you syncs up with that. No problem. But now, imagine you are sitting down in your chair, wearing a headset, but in VR you are walking around from place to place. It results in a motion sickness, which can take a while to recover from.

The multi-billion VR industry is tackling this issue with new, innovative headsets and technologies, however this was one of the very real issues we faced in the design of Terra Virtua. Our fully immersive, blockchain driven, VR world is just that. A world. Worlds are huge. So how does one move around that world without feeling sick?

After multiple trials, we came up with point-to-point placement, and portals. In Terra Virtua, you are never far from a portal, which acts like a ‘hub’ to a number of attractions. This saves time wondering around massive spaces for no real purpose. You can simply enter the portal and end up at a hub you want. You can move around that hub, visit social spaces, and enter attractions using point-to-point placement. Its basically a ‘jump’ which brings you to the direction you want to head in without the movement that confuses your brain.

This was just one of the challenges we had to deal with in creating something that we think is truly revolutionary and will change the face of entertainment. We will be sharing more news soon, with videos, gameplay clips and learning about your vFlect — your own avatar in Terra Virtua!

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