Bridging the Virtual and Real Worlds

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Virtual reality is the next big thing. The fact is, right now virtual reality is still a commitment. You still have to get to your computer, you have to put on your headset, you have to align your sensors and you have to make sure everything is working properly. When it’s all up and running there is no experience like it but it takes a little time, space and effort.

But what if you want to experience this virtual world on the move?

This is something that we had to address carefully when we were working on Terra Virtua. We had a think about the reality of the people that will be using this platform. What if there were 4 friends who wanted to play a game together, but 2 of them were on VR and two of them were on the train home from work? How could the 2 friends see what the other 2 were doing? Was there a way for them to see what is happening in VR from the real world?

What if you wanted to plan your next visit to Terra Virtua, modify your vFlect avatar, or want to make some changes to it? Perhaps you wanted buy some items before your next visit, or jump on a special offer. Perhaps you want to learn about new interesting experiences without putting on a headset. Maybe you wanted to watch a movie trailer in Terra Virtua but you don’t have a headset — how could you do that?

One of the things that virtual reality brings to us is a new way of looking at things. A new way of interacting with reality. Let me give you an example — let’s say that Dwayne Johnson wanted to introduce his new blockbuster movie Skyscraper. What typically happens, is that he will tweet about it, or he will announce it on video and he would put a link to YouTube. That’s interesting and people are excited to see the new movie but wouldn’t be much cooler if you could, on your device, go inside a building which is collapsing, with sounds of that world and watch the trailer all around you? Imagine if you could have seen The first Star Wars trailer for the Force Awakens while being in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon? No one can tell us that isn’t supercool.

With this in mind, one thing that we’re creating as part of Terra Virtua is the companion app. An augmented reality app which bridges the virtual world with the real. This is part of the Terra Virtua experience because we understand that, even though not everyone has a VR headset, practically everybody has a smart phone with them all the time. The AR app will allow you to open up a doorway to the virtual world and see what’s happening in a particular space in Terra Virtua. You will have the ability from your phone to explore sections of Terra Virtua Zones, to view content in an entirely different way and, yes, see movie trailers or other experiences from your smart phone inked to a VR experience that you can further explore when you get home.

What if you could, from your mobile, pick up a unique, blockchain secured Easter egg just for you and when you get home you can take that egg to a zone, and get yourself an exclusive sneak peeks of a movie, earn tokens or other unique content? What if you could, from your mobile, plan your next experiences, group game or purchase? In the future we see users on mobile watching people play in real time in the VR world. All these things will be really groundbreaking. Working on making these possibilities a reality is something that we are working on actively, pursuing our goal to make Terra Virtua the premium entertainment destination for both augmented reality and virtual reality.

It’s a really exciting journey and it’s something we really want you to join us on. You can learn much more about our project on all of our social media channels, including some app sneak peeks!

Till next time!


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