What can I do with my digital collectibles?

Image of digital collectibles
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So, you’ve got yourself an NFT huh? But now you’re wondering what you can actually do with it. Die hard collectors may be used to simply displaying their traditional collectibles on shelves and not taking them out of the package so they retain value, however, with digital collectibles this is not necessary. Digital collectibles are infinitely mint condition, regardless of what you do with them. This means, the possibilities of what you can actually do with your digital collectible are endless and growing every day.

1. You can buy, trade and sell.

So, much like it’s traditional counterpart, the digital collectible can be bought, traded or sold on the open market. Once you have purchased your digital collectible it is yours to do with what you wish. You may want to trade it for a collectible you don’t already own, much like with the old school pokemon cards, or perhaps sell it to someone looking to complete their collection. Who knows, you may even turn a profit.

2. Show it off!

At Terra Virtua we currently have three outlets for you to be able to display your collectibles. These are; the Fancave, the Terradome and the Gallery. The Fancave is completely yours to do with what you like. You can customise the decor and use the spots provided to display your amazing collection. There’s even spaces for awesome posters. The Terradome is a place for your extraordinary collectibles, resembling a ginormous, futuristic exhibition space, the Terradome is perfect for those real life size NFTs that will blow your socks off.  Plus, if you’re one of those crypto-art connoisseurs, we have the Gallery, a virtual space that allows you to display your crypto-art and walk around the space viewing the art you’ve collected. It’s all pretty incredible.

3. View and interact…

With our android app you can view your digital collectibles in augmented reality. It’s actually amazing. Going on a day out? Snap a picture of your vFlect in the Tower of London with you. Maybe you’re doing a bit of filming in a cool space? You can put your digital collectible front and center and include them in the memories you make. Let a Kaiju hang out with Grandma, have your kids play with a vFlect. The opportunities are endless.

4. Screenshot and share!

Obviously we’ve spoken about AR, which can be seen in real time. Alternatively, you can take pictures and videos which are totally shareable on your social media profiles. Tag your fandom! It’s a great way to get involved in the communities surrounding what you love. Plus, you can screenshot in the Fancave, Terradome and Gallery. So you can show off your perfectly curated space with your favourite digital collectibles included. Don’t forget to tag us too, we love seeing what you do with your spaces.

5. Play, enjoy, expand and support.

The world of digital collectibles is all about the fandom. It’s about having fun with what you love and sharing that with your friends. We want you to live in a world where you don’t have to worry about opening the box and your collectible losing value, it’s there for you to enjoy and others to enjoy after you. Plus, the more you expand your collections and support your fandoms the more likely other huge companies will get on board and release their own digital collectibles, allowing the community to grow and there to be more collectibles to get your hands on.

Every day we are developing new ideas and new ways in order for you to interact with and enjoy your collectibles. If you want to stay in touch with what we have going on at Terra Virtua and see what our community does with their digital collectibles, follow us on Twitter and Instagram and get involved in the community by tagging us in your pictures and videos!

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