Toys Versus Collectibles

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Where does a toy stop and a collectable begin? What is driving the explosion of brands such as Funko? So many brands are now creating collectible versions of their IP, including Marvel, Warner and more. Entire lines of toys are now not made to be played with but to be collected.

A toy collectible occupies a unique space — it’s not an action figure or a doll which would play with — yet it’s not an item which you will only put on a shelf. Where in the past a brand such as Star Wars would consist of action figures and playable toys, today’s Star Wars merchandise looks so much different. The brand has entire lines dedicated to collectibles. Marvel has an entire replica line doing just the same. At Comic-Con lines go around the block of people wanting to pick the latest Funko exclusive.

This new type of collectible is driven by the age old passion of completing collections, owning something linked to a brand or movie or find them that you love. In a way it’s an expression or reflection of part of your personality.Facebook changed how we socialise. Instagram and Snapchat and now Tiktok have changed how and what we share. We think that entertainment, fun and being engaged will be the new social networks. We want to bring that same passion of being engaged, showing love for the brands that you adore, to the digital space.

Sharing and expressing yourself is what Terra Virtua is all about. We want people to be able to connect to films, music, sports brands, art, shows, personalities and more in new and interesting ways. The platform that we have built is not just about collecting digital items. It’s about trading, sharing, curating and experiencing.

Whether that’s completing your collection of Godfather the posters and showing them off in your own personal gallery. Or displaying your Lost in Space robot in your fancave, flying a plane from Top Gun or even having a unique digital piece of art worth as much as a real-world item, we want you to be able to do it.

We think Terra Virtua is a unique, exciting new form of entertainment. We can’t wait for you to try it!

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