This crypto art sold for how much?!

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Art is an ever evolving subject and you may remember a lot of it back from your school days or from visiting galleries. You may have stayed in touch with the art world and follow a few of your favourites on social media. However a new world of art is forming, a digital world, where 2D, 3D and audio art can be minted and sold for whatever price based on rarity and demand.

Terra Virtua recently launched their digital artist’s gallery, which really is incredible. The gallery allows you to display your purchased art pieces in a stunning digital gallery that can be viewed on a computer or you can even take a walk through it using VR!  

Terra Virtua have been lucky enough to partner with some absolutely incredible digital artists and have curated an amazing collection of works available to buy on the marketplace.

One artist, however, sold a piece for an exceptional price; $10,000! Incredible right? And this is someone new to the world of digital art. 

Amrita Sethi’s 2DA (2D animated) piece titled ‘2020’ depicts events that happened throughout the world last year. All following the shape of a sound wave which, when listened to, are the words ‘twenty twenty’ spoken by the artist herself. The intricate detail within the work shows images of Trump, locusts, face masks, the economic rate, covid, George Floyd and so much more.

Born and raised in Kenya, a British citizen of Indian origin, Amrita has lived in Dubai since 2007 and has also resided in Switzerland, Zimbabwe, Uganda, and the United Kingdom. Considering the number of places Amrita has lived, it makes sense that she would record the impact of the pandemic globally within a piece of her art.

There are many more of Amrita’s pieces of art still available on the marketplace as well as work from a plethora of incredible artists from around the world. Our collection of artists and art is always being updated so don’t forget to consistently check the marketplace and follow @TerraVirtuaArt on Twitter to stay in the loop. 

Amrita first started selling her art with Terra Virtua in October of 2020 and it has been her highest value work sold to date (as of time of writing).

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