The insane world of Godzilla collectibles

NECA Toys Godzilla Figure
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So it’s fair to say, at Terra Virtua we’re immersed in the world of collectibles, but not as you may know them. We are interested in NFTs, digital collectibles that you can view online, in VR and AR.

They can be life sized, 3D, animated, and they don’t take up shelf space or need dusting. Plus, you can actually play with them without them losing value. However, in order to get where we are now in terms of collectibles, we have to thank the OG’s, the plastic figurines we all know and love and still hold incredible value to this day. A quick search on eBay garnered incredible results that show us how powerful the world of collecting still is.

Here’s our run down of the most insane Godzilla collectibles we could find online today.

1. Starting at the lowest price of the 5, this Godzilla figurine certainly is eye catching. From Toho’s X-Plus large monster line, this bad boy is 25cm tall and was released in the millennium between 1999 and 2000. A figurine like this will set you back £255 and hails from the UK.

Godzilla collectible on eBay

2. Next up is this absolutely insane figurine from Tristar pictures. This cold cast statue was made by Moore Creations and is number 10 of only 2000 made. Made in China, this hand painted porcelain figure comes straight from the Big Apple and will set you back over £600!

Godzilla collectible from eBay

3. Now we’re rolling with the big boys, this next collectible is kind of off the charts. An RC controlled Godzilla… yeah, you heard right. This 20 inch high, 36 inch wide figure comes with a controller which allows you to move Godzilla’s head, tail and drive it back and forth. This Tokyo Marui Biollante Godzilla will set you back over £800, not including postage from California! 

4. Now we have something a bit different coming straight from Japan. This burning Godzilla figure was made by BanDai back in 1995 and stands at an impressive 34cm tall. This glowing Godzilla is from Godzilla VS Destoroyah. This figure will set you back an eye watering £1102! But, it does come with all original packaging.

5. Last, and by certainly no means least, is this Godzilla vs Evangelion Toho 30cm Series 01 G Awaken Mode Figure. This figure depicts “Evangelion Unit 1”, which is based on the original setting “What if you put” G cells “into the Evangelion Unit 1?”. Made by ‘premium’ BanDai and standing at 38cm tall, this still in it’s packing, mint condition Godzilla will set you back a massive £1555 and coming all the way from Kyoto, Japan.


So there you have it, the insane world of Godzilla collectibles. It’s truly amazing the prevalence these figurines still hold to this day. Which figurine from the list would you buy? Do you have any Godzilla memorabilia? Which is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

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