Reframing Fandom

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What is fandom? It’s defined as “the fans of a particular person, team, fictional series, etc. regarded collectively as a community or subculture.” However, fandom is not a subculture any longer — it’s gone mainstream. Fandom is one of the biggest growing spaces in the world.

In an increasingly crowded world, more and more of us are connecting to the things that we identify with. We want to show love for the brands we interact with. Ask yourself — why do we buy football jerseys? Why do we buy Star Wars merch? It’s because we want to relate to something that we love. That’s why we decorate our bedrooms, shelves, studies with memorabilia, posters, Funkos and more.

Fandom is experiencing explosive growth. Sports merchandise is expected to be a 50 billion dollar industry by 2024. Funko Is nearly a billion dollar company. Just taking the example of music; more and more music is packaged with merchandise. If you buy an artist’s merchandise very often their album is bundled with it — it has become a major driver of music sales.

In the digital space collecting is increasing too — digital items are carrying as much sentimental, kudos or monetary value as real-world items. In the world of games, collectors own skins or other digital items. A new phenomenon is that some of the biggest games in the world have substantial percentage of fans who don’t play the game, they just watch it. Nearly 40% of League of Legends and CS:GO fans don’t actually play!

In Terra Virtua using our blockchain technology we feel that there are SO many new opportunities that didn’t exist before. Imagine you get digital merchandise that is only available when an event is happening and will never be available again? That fan merch would be super rare, collectible and even valuable. What if you could own unique digital items which were linked to a stadium concert that you attended, and only available to attendees? How about sneakers which when you completed a digital collection, you could redeem for a unique Item in the real world? What if you could collect rare film memorabilia which you could then experience in VR?

Our platform unlocks these possibilities — creating new ways in which you can connect with brands, so that fandom becomes a two-way street.
New experiences using immersive technologies which can create new and exciting social environments. New ways in which you can be rewarded for engaging with the brands you love. You can showcase, interact and do more in your own personalised fancave. And now, in a post pandemic world, being able to share cool stuff, and do that from the safety of our own homes is becoming something really engaging. This is what we are all about. We believe this is the future of fandom.

Terra Virtua

Collecting. Reinvented.

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