Garth Ennis’ Jennifer Blood Is Back for Revenge in This NFT Comic Book Collection

Garth Ennis' Jennifer Blood Dynamite NFT comic announcement
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Now you can read Garth Ennis' original Jennifer Blood as a collection of officially licensed NFT comic books!

Available Now

Jennifer Blood – Volume 1: A Woman's Work Is Never Done

Wife and mom by day, Jennifer Blood swaps her apron for leather and guns, becoming a badass suburban punisher by night. Created by the deliciously dark wit of Garth Ennis in 2011, now the original series comes to life in this NFT comic book! This is the 2011 version written by Garth Ennis (Preacher, Punisher, The BOYS) , illustrated by Adriano Batista. 

Also available as a collectible, limited-edition Directors Cut.

Versions available in the Marketplace:
Volume 1, 2D – 1,000  minted at $29.99
Volume 1, 2D-animated Director’s Cut – 100 minted at $99.99

Jennifer Blood – Issue 1

 Jennifer Blood is also available in a single edition as published by Dynamite Entertainment. 

Versions available in the Marketplace:
Issue #1 – 1,000 minted at $6.99

Already in the Marketplace

Jennifer Blood 2021 – Issue 1: Bloodlines

What makes a suburban housewife pick up an Uzi and see blood? Sharing Jennifer Blood’s origin story – ten years on from the Garth Ennis original – the launch issue of Dynamite’s brand-new 2021 reboot is now available as a digital NFT (Non Fungible Token). This version written by Fred Van Lente with art by Vincenzo Federici, and cover by Lucio Parrillo.

Our limited-edition Directors Cuts are popular with collectors. Only 100 are available of each.

Versions available in the NFT Marketplace: 

Issue #1 – 500 minted at $6.99
Issue #1 Director’s Cut 2D-animated cover – 100 minted at $19.99

Garth Ennis takes us on another thrilling ride – and we say, 'Bring it on!'

When a comic book or TV show carries the name, Garth Ennis, you know you’re in for a ride that only this witty Northern Irish-American can send you on! And Jennifer Blood does not disappoint! 

With 32 years in the comics industry under his belt, including stints at DC and Marvel Comics – and multiple awards – Ennis went on to create and publish his own work, in his own right. 

We couldn’t have been more delighted start our Dynamite collection with Garth Ennis’ The BOYS, and now we bring you the suburban mom who has more weapons in her arsenal than socks in the drawer. 

The origin story of Jennifer Blood now as a digital NFT

As is the case with so many people in this town, Jennifer Blood is not her real name… For these cosy cul-de-sacs are refuge to gangsters and mobsters with dubious histories as long as your arms – and all the cops are bent to boot.

Jessie Blute (AKA Jennifer Blood) intends to open a can of whip-ass on all those who have done her wrong. And it’s fair to say, she has a few good reasons to be mad. For starters, her uncles murdered her father. Then they drove her mother to suicide. And for dessert, they forced her to fake her own death and start all over again.

Even though she’s moved on with her life – new identity, found love, raised a family, as you do – some girls just don’t forget that easily. With revenge never far from her mind, she’s trained herself to fight. In all kinds of styles with all kinds of weapons with a touch of espionage and forgery on the side. 

Now the name ‘Jennifer Blood’ has become an urban legend among the mobsters that she hunts – just like the ones living here in this town. And as she starts her life once more, this time as the perfect housewife, tongues begin to wag. Too many people have been going missing – someone has blood on their hands… 

Your Terra Virtua comics come in a choice of versions

Whether you’re a fan of a longer read and prefer our volumes or want to read issue by issue, the Terra Virtua experience is ready and waiting. 

Plus! Our volumes are available in two unique versions: a standard digital edition and a limited-edition Director’s Cut with creatively animated cover – we do love these! Where available, the Director’s Cut is where you’ll find the bonus material.

Our Dynamite Directors Cuts have proven to be immensely popular with collectors and fans. Each is minted in a limited edition of only 100 copies worldwide, so only 100 people in the world will ever get the chance to own one at the same time. Many have sold out within hours of launch, so grab one for your collection while you still can.

ALSO AVAILABLE... The 2021 version – same badass, new thrills

Jennifer Blood issue 1 Page 18

Ten years on, Dynamite Entertainment celebrates the original gritty series with a feisty reboot. The 2021 version features a new creative team spearheaded by writer Fred Van Lente (X-Men, Marvel Zombies) and we now bring you Issue #1 as an NFT. Issue #1 is illustrated by Vincenzo Federici (Heavy Metal, Firefly) with cover art by the prolific Lucio Parrillo. 

Jennifer is back and she’s taking no prisoners, well… after she’s got dinner on and sent the kiddos to bed. Even a vigilante mom has her priorities… 

The 2021 debut edition as published by Dynamite is available in the Marketplace in an edition of 500, plus a limited-edition Director’s Cut with a steaming 2D-animated cover. Only 100 available.

Rated for Mature audience

Dynamite® & © 2021 Dynamite. All Rights Reserved. Jennifer Blood™ & © 2021 Spitfire Productions, Ltd. & Dynamite Entertainment.  All Rights Reserved.

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