The Monstrous World of Godzilla Memorabilia

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There are many iconic monsters in film, but few stand as tall and memorable as Godzilla.

There are many iconic monsters in film, but few stand as tall and memorable as Godzilla. For nearly seventy years, Godzilla has graced the screen, appearing in everything from movies and television shows to video games and literature. Even now, he continues strong, with a new movie featuring him and an equally impressive foe.

While the newest addition to the Godzilla franchise sets him against Kong, his origins are far more than a simple monster. One of the reasons Godzilla became the icon he is today is what he represented. As a monster representing society’s sins, his debut in 1954 was powerful, and he soon became a hit, having 15 movies in just over 20 years.

The success of the massive monster spread as well, hitting it big outside of its home country of Japan. After successfully launching over twenty movies, the first American Godzilla film appeared. Since then, various movies have been made in Japan and America alike, with Godzilla vs. Kong becoming the fourth American Godzilla film.

Just looking at the filmography and history of Godzilla makes its impact on popular culture clear. Godzilla is an iconic monster, and as such, he is worth remembering if you are a fan of the monster or film in general. Fortunately, the world of collectibles and memorabilia is just as massive as the franchise itself, with plenty of remarkable pieces.

The Importance of Godzilla Memorabilia

There is no doubt that Godzilla is an iconic monster and franchise, and the big screen terror deserves his place in pop culture history as one of the biggest and baddest monsters to appear in cinema. In fact, he has served as an inspiration when it comes to movie monsters since his inception and continues to thrill audiences to this day.

One of the best ways to remember the on-screen legend is to collect Godzilla memorabilia. Collecting memorabilia gives you a keepsake of not only one of your favorite parts of the franchise but your favorite iteration of the massive monster. After all, he has changed just like the technology making him possible.

Fortunately, due to the long list of films and other media that include the monster, you have a lot of items to choose from. You can build a collection focusing on the original movies alone or include any number of things from Godzilla’s many appearances.

Plus, with the new movie, there is undoubtedly more to come. Godzilla is a legend, but his time is nowhere near over.

The Types of Godzilla Memorabilia

The world of memorabilia is massive, especially for an iconic monster with the impressive career of Godzilla. After well-over thirty movies and a litany of other appearances, he is not only well-known but there is a huge number of fans, each with their own preference when it comes to their favorite version of the monster.

More than versions of the monster, there are a lot of different types of memorabilia for people to choose from, ranging anywhere from figures and posters to signed items that add even more value. You can even consider collecting the many movies as a form of collection. However, some of the more popular types of memorabilia are:

  • Posters
  • Figures


Posters are a great place to start and offer a great deal of variety. You can even choose one from your favorite movie or one that features a specific visual or character you like. Moreover, there are several forms to choose from. You can buy a reprinted poster, an original from the year the movie debuted, or a rarer signed copy.

Then there are figures. When it comes to Godzilla and the many monsters in the franchise, few things do them justice as much as figures. There are a vast number of Godzilla-related figures on the market, and many of them are impressive pieces of memorabilia.

Godzilla Figures

Whether you are just starting your collection or have already started gathering Godzilla memorabilia, you might have seen some of the amazing figures on the market. Regardless, there is no better way to see Godzilla and the other monsters in all their glory as a detailed figure. You’ll just have to be careful of wanting to buy them all.

The Majesty of Gold Godzilla

The first Godzilla figure featured in this article is one of the most expensive pieces of memorabilia out there: Gold Godzilla. This amazing piece is valued at around 150 million yen, which is around 1.48 million USD. Sounds like a lot, right? Well, it is, but there’s a reason for it.

The Gold Godzilla figure was created for the monster’s 60th anniversary, and it was created by jeweler Ginza Tanaka using 24-karat gold. Not only was it made using gold, but it was made out of solid gold, making it quite a valuable piece of movie memorabilia.

While the price might still seem like a lot, it is a one-of-a-kind item. Its size also plays a factor. The figure is almost 14 inches tall and weighs nearly 33 pounds, which means the entire thing is 33 pounds of solid 24-karat gold! As for the figure, it represents a version of Godzilla from the 1989 film Godzilla vs. Biollante.

The Classic Godzilla Figure

When you think of Godzilla, you have to consider where it all started and look at the 1954 version of the giant monster. The film used a “suit-mation” monster, utilizing a man in a suit, and it has a different body shape than many of the other versions of Godzilla that came later.

While many might appreciate the stunning detail of the newer versions of Godzilla, the classic is iconic. If you wish to purchase a stunning figure of the 1954 version of Godzilla, you should look at the “Classic 1954 Godzilla” that was created by Bandai.

The appearance of the figure follows the version of Godzilla from the movie, starting with the grey color. It also has thicker legs and small arms, giving it the same look as the classic monster.

Another classic Godzilla figure worth mentioning is from SH MonsterArts. While SH MonsterArts is owned by a branch of Bandai, they create some of the best figures on the market, and their classic Godzilla is the first of many incredible pieces of memorabilia they offer.

The Rarest Figures

While rarity isn’t a big deal for every collector, there are quite a few people out there interested in the harder-to-find memorabilia. When it comes to Godzilla, there are few figures as rare as those made by Marusan and Bullmark. Marusan came first, making figures starting in 1964. While they eventually went bankrupt, Bullmark stepped in after.

Bullmark acquired many of the assets previously belonging to Marusan and continued on, though they also went bankrupt around 1978. Due to their eventual bankruptcy, the memorabilia created by these two companies are highly sought after. Particularly, some of the figures created by Bullmark are rarer than others.

Out of the figures made by Bullmark, there are a series of die-cast metal figures that are prized pieces. Additionally, figures of Angilas are also rare and sought after since the monster came out around the time Bullmark went bankrupt and thus existed in lesser quantity.

The 1964 Aurora Godzilla Model Kit

This figure is something you have to build or find already built, but it deserves its place as a notable piece of memorabilia because it is the first actual figure released. Due to that, it is remarkably rare, though there are a few places you can find one today, such as eBay.

If you buy it in its original form, the kit comes in a beautifully illustrated box. It is also not assembled, requiring everything from assembly to painting to reach its final form. However, owning the very first figure is something worth celebrating, so if you are a fan of Godzilla memorabilia, consider the Aurora Kit.

The New Age of Figures

While there are plenty of amazing pieces of memorabilia from years prior, there are also numerous figures for the new movies, even the new Godzilla vs. Kong. While there are a number of figures out there, some of the best come from the previously mentioned SH MonsterArts. The detail they offer is incredible, and they are highly collectible.

SH MonsterArts makes detailed figures, but they only sell them for a certain amount of time. Therefore, if you are interested in SH MonsterArts figures, you will have to buy them while they are available or search for them elsewhere online. At the moment, there are two figures from their catalog available for purchase:

  • Godzilla (2001) – Heat Ray Version
  • Biollante – Special Color Version

The Godzilla figure is around $100, while the Biollante figure is around $250. Additionally, there are three figures, including two from the newest movie,
Godzilla vs. Kong, that can be pre-ordered on their website. They include:

  • Godzilla (2021)
  • Kong (2021)
  • Godzilla (1989)

The two 2021 figures will be around $70, while the 1989 version will be about $100. Regardless of the price, all of the figures from SH MonsterArts feature incredible detail and craftsmanship. If you are looking for figures, it is a great place to look for quality pieces.

Godzilla Movie Posters

godzilla movie poster

There are a lot of movie posters out there. After 36 movies, it is not only figurines that have swelled in number but posters as well. However, there are a few special posters worth mentioning.

The Classic Godzilla (1954) Movie Poster

There are few pieces of memorabilia quite as spectacular as the poster from the movie that started it all. Godzilla was the beginning of this massive franchise, and for any fan of the series, this piece of memorabilia is worth collecting.

You can find a reprinted version quite easily, but there are also signed copies out there. One example is a copy signed by Akira Takarada, an actor famous for his role in the movie. While a signed copy might cost you hundreds of dollars, you can find a reprinted version for far less.

Godzilla vs. Kong

The newest movie features these two behemoths going against one another in an epic showdown, but this is not the first time they have pit themselves against one another. The first time they faced one another was in 1962 during the third Godzilla movie.

Of course, the modern movie is far easier to find incredible posters for, but it just goes to show the iconic nature of their showdown. As for movie posters on the newly released movie, there are a few to choose from, but two of the best feature the two monsters in the same shot.

The first is a poster featuring Godzilla’s spikes sticking up from the water as he swims towards a smoldering city, with Kong’s massive form towering above the buildings. This poster is an official offering, and it is one that points towards their impending confrontation.

Another incredible poster is even more direct, featuring the two monsters standing close to one another, staring at each other during the calm before the storm. The city is covered in smoke, a few helicopters are flying around, and the two are prepared for a battle.

Other Godzilla Memorabilia

There are quite a few things to collect when it comes to Godzilla. One reason is the massive life of the franchise. The many movies and other appearances have spread Godzilla to many places, including literature, comics, and games. There is even a set of Magic: The Gathering cards dedicated to Godzilla and the monsters of the franchise.

You can also find signed photos out there. The website has some great signed pieces, including a photograph of Godzilla signed by Haruo Nakajima, the creature himself. Considering Haruo Nakajima played Godzilla a whopping 12 times, anything with his name on it is worth collecting.

Those are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Godzilla-themed memorabilia, and you are bound to find all kinds of unique things if you look for them. In fact, there is one type of memorabilia that is rising in popularity and a perfect representation of the future: virtual collection.

Terra Virtua - The Future of Godzilla Memorabilia

Terra Virtua is something amazing, but it is also something inevitable, considering that everything is going virtual these days. What Terra Virtua has done is take the world of memorabilia and collectibles and moved it to a virtual platform, opening a marketplace that features a wide range of amazing virtual art ready for collecting.

The Next Step for Memorabilia and Collectibles

When the idea of virtual collections is considered, many people might initially respond with doubt. It is something new and unfamiliar, or is it? While owning a piece of memorabilia, you will never be able to physically touch might sound strange, think about all of the virtual objects people purchase on a daily basis.

The truth is, online assets are growing rapidly. It started with things such as games and virtual currency, but it has evolved into something far more common, and Terra Virtua is just part of that next step. Terra Virtua provides a platform for artists to create and sell their products to collectors.

Terra Virtua is selective about its memorabilia as well, offering quality products that have a seal of approval from Legendary Entertainment, one of their partners and the company behind Godzilla vs. Kong. If you are still doubtful, keep these things in mind about the products available on Terra Virtua:

  • They are highly valuable and worth real money
  • They are created with Legendary Entertainment’s approval
  • Each design available is made and sold in a limited amount
  • You have the ability to own and show off your virtual collection

If you consider all of that, it becomes clear that the virtual items on Terra Virtua have legitimate value. Additionally, Terra Virtua provides a 3D environment for you to show off your collection, so even if you do not have a physical copy, you can still show off and admire the collection of memorabilia you build up.

Memorabilia Available on Terra Virtua

Terra Virtua currently has several amazing pieces of memorabilia from Godzilla vs. Kong available. The first of the many things they have are 3D figures of Godzilla and Mechagodzilla, both of which are considered uncommon items of those that they have available, being created with a limited number of 2500 copies.

Some of the rare items are two 3DA items, which are 3D figures with added animations. They are the “Godzilla – Roar of a God” and “Mechagodzilla – Titan Scan.” These items are similar to the figures above but come with animation and sound. They are also fewer in number, with only 1000 copies of each of these animated figures being created.

There is even a Godzilla with the atomic roar, and a Mechagodzilla with a metallic roar featured, with each having 500 copies. And if that wasn’t enough, there are some truly rare pieces available of Mechagodzilla that include a tail whip animation. The price goes up the rarer the item is, but so does the complexity of the animation and sounds.

Each of these items is priced based on rarity, and the prices get quite high. However, you have to consider the fact that these pieces of virtual art are highly valuable, serving as both collectible memorabilia and financial assets.

The Memorabilia on Terra Virtua Is Highly Valuable

One of the things that sets Terra Virtua apart is the high value of the items on the site. The items might not have a physical copy, but that does not diminish their value. If anything, the virtual nature of the collectibles on Terra Virtua ensures their safety and value.

Moreover, with so many artists working on computers today, there is a demand for virtual works of art. There are even fields of art that are solely available in a virtual form, such as animation. While there will always be people who want something tangible, the future of collecting is trending towards the virtual, and Terra Virtua is already there.

That being said, with Terra Virtua, you don’t only get a virtual collectible. What you are getting is an item owned solely by you. And it’s not something that can be devalued because someone takes a picture of it. The reason for this is Terra Virtua’s use of blockchains, which are essentially a virtual certificate of authenticity.

Terra Virtua doesn’t just provide you with great collectible memorabilia, but it makes sure that your investment is secure and remains valuable as a collectible and an asset. Furthermore, it even provides a way to admire your collection.

Admiring What You Purchase

Buying collectibles on Terra Virtua is quite simple. The first way to purchase something is to buy it directly. Though, some items require bids as well. Regardless, once you have your collectible, it is yours, and you can do a few things with it.

If you want to do nothing but stare at your new collectible all day, that is fine. You can see your items online and through using the app. Additionally, there is the Terra Art Gallery, which allows you to view items in a virtual gallery setting.

If that wasn’t enough, there are the virtual Fancave and Terradome that can be customized and used to display your memorabilia. No matter how big your collection gets or how you want to show it off, these options allow you to display it to your heart’s content.

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