Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the most expensive Godzilla collectible ever made.

24-Karat Solid Gold Godzilla Figure By Ginza Tanaka
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So, let’s be honest, in the world of collectibles some items can go for extraordinary prices. Whether that’s due to rarity, detail or simply just the passion of the buyer. Many collectibles have sold high to buyers simply wanting to complete certain collections and oftentimes onlookers are left wondering “how on earth did that sell for so much?” or “why would someone pay so much for that?”. Whilst that may be the case with a 20 inch vinyl figurine, we’re pretty sure when it comes to the world's most expensive Godzilla collectible, even those with little to no knowledge of collectibles would understand the price tag.

The collectible in question you ask? Well, it’s the 24-Karat Solid Gold Godzilla Figure By Ginza Tanaka which was released in 2014 to mark Godzilla’s 60th birthday.

As if this insane Kaiju doesn’t get enough attention he’s literally been made into solid gold. The figure itself weighs an incredible 33lbs that’s equal to a cinder block for those who like real-world examples. However, he is only 9.4 inches tall, so although not the largest collectible we’ve seen, he is definitely the shiniest!

The figure is modelled after the 1989 Godzilla featured in Godzilla vs Biollante. Although there are a few notable differences in the figure compared to the movie including; extra muscles and polished fangs, nails and fins. The entire figure is made of 24-karat solid gold and the majority of the figure has a semi-gloss finish allowing the smaller polished details to really stand out.

The jeweller, Ginza Tanaka worked alongside Koichi Kawakita in creating the mega expensive Kaiju. Kawakita worked as the special effects director for some of the Godzilla movies which allowed Ginza Tanaka to have a special insight into the monster and particular details.

Although Ginza Tanaka usually specialises in non-reptilian jewellery, the 24-karat Godzilla was not their first foray into the sci-fi X solid gold scene. As they have also made a solid gold Darth Vader mask and a solid gold Gundam figure.

Image: Mike Shouts

The solid gold Godzilla figure went on sale in 2014 for a breathtaking figure of $1.5 million US dollars which equated to 150 million yen at the time. As far as we can tell from our research, the figure did sell, however, we don’t know exactly how much for or to whom. These things are usually kept tightly under wraps. But, someone, somewhere now has possibly the shiniest, coolest and heaviest 9.4 inch tall Godzilla collectible ever made sat on a shelf at home. Can you even imagine?!

What is the most you would spend on a collectible? If you had $1.5 million, would you have bought it? Let us know in the comments below.

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