DON'T MISS OUT on our 2021 Limited-Edition Christmas VFLECT

The 2021 Christmas VFLECT is making its way to the Terra Virtua Marketplace. Listen carefully and you may hear the sound of tiny hooves!

Introducing… Antleroid!

With silky ears, decorated horns and furry bib, it’s sure to be one of the cutest reindeer you’ve seen this year! Grab this special edition in the Marketplace while you can.

Our popular robot VFLECTS are native to Terra Virtua, where they can be found dressing up as a range of characters with a personality all of their own.

Each limited edition VFLECT is a 3D-animated model with a number of characteristics that makes it stand out. You can view and rotate them around a full 360 degrees and watch them go through a range of motions.

You can even interact with them via augmented reality using our Android app.

Antleroid will be available in the following variants. Each variant has an increasing range of animated moves:

  • Common – 2,500 minted at $19.99
  • Uncommon – 1,500 minted at $24.99
  • Rare – 1,000 minted at $34.99
  • Special – 500 minted at $74.99
  • Legendary – 100 minted at $149.99
  • Mythical – 50 minted at $499.99
  • Golden – 50 minted and only available as a reward for completing the collection – worth $999.99
  • Platinum – 1 minted at $2,499.99