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At Terra Virtua we always aim to give our collectors more.

That’s why most of our comic books let you view with the text on and off – and sometimes all the way down to the pencil work below!

That’s why our artwork often springs to life with animated touches. And why you can visit famous beasts in your Terradome, including Godzilla vs. Kong – or right there in your home using Augmented Reality.

And that’s why we join with many of the world’s most-loved brands – from Legendary Pictures, Dynamite Entertainment and Hero ISL to Bored Apes, Elvis and many more – to create unique, collectible items especially for fans.

This guide is designed to show you a little bit of everything you can find on the Terra Virtua Marketplace. Step inside and you will find so much more. 

So fasten your seatbelts, hold on tight 
and join us on an exciting adventure through
the magical wonders on Terra Virtua…