Products you need to improve your WFH nerd game

Working from home can sometimes be pretty tough. Just you and a desk. It can oftentimes be kind of uninspiring, which is why we have hunted down the coolest products to nerd up your home office space and make real life feel a little more like virtual reality.

Bridging the Virtual and Real Worlds

Virtual reality is the next big thing. The fact is, right now virtual reality is still a commitment. You still have to get to your computer, you have to put on your headset, you have to align your sensors and you have to make sure everything is working properly. When it’s all up and running […]

Walking While Sitting

Seems like a weird thing to deal with right? But it’s one of the very real issues with VR. When you experience motion that is reserved, in your mind, for when you are standing up, then your brain gets confused. This is called ‘sensory conflict’ More often than not, this results in feeling super sick. […]