Tim Cantor’s En Pointe is transformed into an NFT for the first time with Terra Virtua

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It’s been a while since we launched a new artwork by Tim Cantor, and believe us, we miss him! That’s why we’re delighted to announce that Tim’s next NFT project will be arriving on Friday 5th November

Tim Cantor’s new NFT, En Pointe, merges the digital and classical art worlds and provides an extraordinary glimpse behind the curtain of creation. Combining written poetry, concepts, drawings and culminating in a masterful oil painting, En Pointe is compelling and emotional, and showcases Cantor’s devotion to a single work of art spanning two and half years, capturing the soul of both artist and subject – his wife Amy and her passion for ballet.

But first, if you don’t know Tim Cantor – where have you been?! Tim’s been with Terra Virtua for almost a year and is one of our best selling and favourite artists. Why do we love him so much? Well, quite simply, if you’ve been reading our blog, you’ll know that Tim is amazing. He sold his first piece of art at age 15 – to the White House, no less. He works freehand, without any reference material, which is even more impressive when you look at how precise and lifelike Tim’s work is. He did the cover artwork for the band, Imagine Dragons – in fact, they approached him, and even took Tim on tour with them, that’s what mega-fans they are. He has been known to hide secret messages in his artwork – not creepy pseudo-religious new world order stuff (we’re looking at you DaVinci code) – but really fun, wholesome stuff, like the coordinates to hidden treasure! Finally, one of our favourite things about Tim Cantor is … he makes his own paints! High five, Tim.

When all is said and done, Tim is very much a fine art purist, in the vein of traditional masters and schools, and that’s how his fans see him. It’s understandable, then, that he’s created quite a hubbub around his move into “crypto-art”.

Tim said that originally he didn’t think it was the right place for him – however, NFTs and what was happening in the crypto-art scene was too interesting to ignore. Beginning to realise what an incredible platform it could potentially be for traditional art, Tim thought about doing something which would take those traditional aesthetics and fused them with his other love: making films. Soon, he was comfortably blending his skills in film-making with the world of digital art.

Interestingly, it wasn’t the first time, because Tim had created movement, digitally, in his paintings – he had previously worked on music videos like ‘SHOTS’ for Imagine Dragons. Tim saw it as a way to make his paintings come to life – in his own words, “I don’t see it as a replacement of my art, but an extension. I love the idea of reaching a greater audience, and also, I really get inspired when I am able to create something from start to finish; the idea of taking an entire thought and presenting it to the viewer in an unusual and unexpected way.

Tim likens it to a vignette of a work of art that goes beyond what a finished oil painting can deliver to the viewer. Like many of our more traditional artists, Tim has found, in the NFT art space, somewhere to share the entire process – from the first drawings to the final painting – and then to present it in one single piece of (moving) art. Making an NFT in this way is indeed a tangible, unique process.

As for En Pointe, its story is deeply woven with Tim’s own personal feelings and emotions. But we’ll let him take it from here:

“My wife Amy was a ballerina.  Her love for ballet bled into me.  She pulled me into this world the day we met.  The music, the dancing, the stage design, and atmosphere; it all brings endless inspiration.  Moreover, Amy’s own balletic heart has made its way into so many of my paintings.  En Pointe is one she posed for and tells my impression of her – she balances with grace through this world.  She inherently takes the lead in our strange life.  She hides the bad from me when she can.  She deflects the stresses without my knowledge so I can be creative without worry.  I wouldn’t say she is strong, but she loves me, and she is selfless, and she would die for me.  And, without question, I would do the same for her.”

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Tim Cantor's En Pointe NFT coming soon to the Terra Virtua Marketplace


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