Tim Cantor Paints a ‘Ballad to the Moon’ for His Latest NFT Art Collection

Tim Cantor Ballad to the Moon NFT Art Collection Terra Virtua Evolution Imagine Dragons New Featured Image
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One of our all-time best-selling artists, the prodigiously gifted Tim Cantor, returns to Terra Virtua with another virtuosic masterpiece...

Ballad to the Moon

Available Now

‘Ballad to the Moon – Evolution’, Final NFT With Audio

Poem written by Tim Cantor.

3 minted at $50,000 each

Tim Cantor NFT Art Collection Terra Virtua BALLAD TO THE MOON Concept Sketch 1
Concept Sketch 1 NFT, 50 minted at $500 each
Tim Cantor NFT Art Collection Terra Virtua BALLAD TO THE MOON Concept Sketch 2
Concept Sketch 2 NFT, 50 minted at $500 each
Tim Cantor NFT Art Collection Terra Virtua BALLAD TO THE MOON Oil Painting
Oil Painting NFT, 20 minted at $1000 each

Animated NFT, 5 minted at $20,000 each

Introducing 'Ballad to the Moon'...

It is the nature of humans to speak their thoughts. We all want our voice to be heard, our notions and beliefs to be shared. Yet, beliefs vary. Opinions differ. And in that nature, anger flourishes. Voices raise higher. Blood gets hotter. 

‘Ballad to the Moon’ is a composition that was formed in Tim Cantor’s head in the midst of so much rage on the airwaves. There is no balanced voice that gets heard. One is either a friend or a foe in the ways of opinion. ‘Ballad to the Moon’ is an image longing for a neutral voice that whispers, stays calm, and passes no judgement.

The white deer is a metaphor for this illusive and improbable wish. A ghost.

The character is presented onstage because Tim wanted her to be visibly on display, being heard, even though she is timid.

The character’s hand positioning represents humility.

The vintage microphone is a metaphor for the airwaves.

This carefully orchestrated collection includes 4 stunning conceptual NFT artworks that are brought together in one final 5th NFT (‘Ballad to the Moon – Evolution’), which features an audio recording of a poem written by Tim Cantor himself.

Available on our NFT Marketplace:

‘Ballad to the Moon’ Concept Sketch 1 NFT – 50 minted at $500 each

‘Ballad to the Moon’ Concept Sketch 2 NFT – 50 minted at $500 each

‘Ballad to the Moon’ Oil Painting NFT – 20 minted at $1000 each

‘Ballad to the Moon’ Animated NFT – 5 minted at $20,000 each

‘Ballad to the Moon – Evolution’ (animated NFT with audio, including a stunning poem written by Tim Cantor). 3 minted at $50,000 each

The Poem

Our ribs are strained by rivals. Revolutions; to each their farthest end  

And in this deathly fight, always right, is one’s friend  

And a foe, ever wrong, ever ill with no amends  


There finds no center ground in these swayed disputes  

No uniting unlike thoughts and no treaties to relent  

Such trends, thus taught, dictates our fate’s descent  


Where lives the balanced voice between the kings and queens?   

The one I wish to hear, less rage and warring rings?  

That sings, that hums, that whispers all our dreams?  


This white deer, that lurks here, a ghost we all agree  

A sense, so sought, less fear from fear we heed   

A wish we wish to hear, of binding mortal need   

A wish we wish to hear, through normal human creed   


We harbor hope for grace from a soul less prone to flee  

From a voice, lost at sea, that idles our decree  

A voice, lost at sea

Become a vital part of Tim Cantor's unique creative universe...

Tim Cantor Ballad to the Moon NFT Art Collection Terra Virtua Evolution Press Shot
Tim Cantor Ballad to the Moon NFT Art Collection Terra Virtua Evolution Imagine Dragons

As a child prodigy, Tim Cantor’s entire life has been completely dedicated to his intensely disciplined and driven artistry. Having already demonstrated exceptional drawing skills, Tim began painting at the age of 5 with oil paints left to him by his great-grandfather (the English artist Lloyd Dundas Whiffen), and was given his first gallery exhibition at the age of 15, when one of his paintings became part of the permanent art collection of the White House. His surrealist style and mastery of expressive mediums from painting to poetry, writing, and film have birthed many masterworks that have been exhibited and collected across the world.

Tim has hosted solo exhibitions across artistically renowned locales from Paris, Venice, and Athens to Singapore, Tokyo, New York, Beverly Hills and San Francisco. His paintings can be found in important private and corporate collections worldwide, and he owns galleries dedicated to his art in San Diego and Amsterdam. Following his White House exhibition, Tim also attracted a wealth of celebrity collectors including Robert De Niro, Robert Redford, Guillermo del Toro, and Maggie Q.

In 2015, Tim was invited to create the cover art for Imagine Dragons’ #1 album ‘Smoke + Mirrors’, then toured with the band and appeared in the music video for their single ‘SHOTS’, which also featured more of his artwork. He also created 13 additional paintings to represent every song on ‘Smoke + Mirrors’, and oversaw the creation of a museum dedicated to his art that was set up at every venue on Imagine Dragons’ album tour (including audio mixes of every album track by the legendary composer Hans Zimmer). After discovering the NFT art world, Tim’s peerless genius turned its attention to this new creative frontier, leading to his ongoing collaboration with Terra Virtua and a collection of breathtaking NFT pieces which you can find right here.

Tim’s work is inspired by the technical virtuosity of the classical masters and his own contemporary imagination, impassioned by the love that he shares with his wife and muse Amy, and his creativity in general has become exceedingly unpredictable. His paintings have no defined style, but they are generally classified as “modern art”, and Tim’s technique bears the qualities of historical Dutch and Renaissance painters, French Neoclassical works, and even impressionism. He also makes his own paints; builds his pieces using 50-100 layers of oil paint, glazes, and varnish; and even works freehand without any reference material.

In short, Tim Cantor is the rarest of breeds – a naturally gifted virtuoso whose dedication to his uncannily lifelike work shines through every piece he ushers into the public eye.

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