Sevdaliza on why Writing Music and Creating Art are the Perfect Partners

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As artistic expression continues to evolve, artists like Sevdaliza are bucking trends and proving once and for all that music and visual art are the perfect partners.

In fact, it’s a growing trend across the cryptoart space. More and more artists are coming to realise the potential of blending these two mediums, to create something brand new with their art. We’ve already seen it with VESA’s awesome piece The Br8ve which included a soundtrack by Mighty33, and Marcel van Luit’s collaboration with composer John Ewbank.  

But Sevdliza has been blazing this trail for a long, long time. Her career may have begun with music, but you only have to look at her music videos, and the subsequent films she’s helped create to see that her brain naturally brings music and visuals together in everything she does.

And now she’s bringing that vision to life in a brand new way. Her very first NFT collection combines her own musical prowess and conceptual genius, with the incredible skill and talent of her longtime collaborator Hirab Saab. 

We sat down with Sevdaliza to find out more about her creative process and foray into the NFT space. 

Have you always been drawn to music and the creative arts?

“I was always drawn to different forms of art. But it was only after my twenties I began to actively make art myself.”

Your work explores themes around motherhood, identity and womanhood – what inspired you to incorporate these into your work?

“It’s who I am and where I come from. I try to stay so close to myself as possible, so for me this is a natural process.”

Can you tell us about your journey into music, visual arts and becoming a producer?

“For me, music was the gateway to different forms of art. When trying to understand the music industry I quickly realised that I wanted to stay independent for as long as possible or needed. To do so, I needed to understand as many processes as possible such as finance and marketing. But I also wanted to be involved, to OWN the creative process. My input and involvement differs but I always strive to give my projects a unique identity. My input on the art and process is always crucial for the output which results in unique pieces.”

You also directed your own film, what was that like?

“I always knew my involvement when making visual pieces went to great highs, so taking control and directing a piece by myself felt the right thing. It was an incredible learning process together with my directing partner Anastasia Konovalova. It feels very powerful to take full responsibility in the creation process. Overwhelming as well because this was our first collaborative project and the first time for us both being the lead director.”

You’re quite unique in that you combine so many creative elements in your work, and you are the person with the vision for most of this. How do you set about merging music, visual arts and other creative elements? What’s your process?

“The process always starts in the recording studio. I produce demo’s quickly. But the completion can take months or even years. During this process, the visual inspiration starts to grow. By the time a song or project is completed I already have a full visual concept in my head. The next step is to bring these concepts to life with my team.”

You also have a few key people you collaborate with on your projects, how did you meet these people and what inspired you to begin working together?

“Something with the stars and alignment, good faith in the universe and most importantly my gut feeling.”

How did you come to learn about and become involved in the crypto and NFT space?

“As so many, it started for me with trading simple coins. When trading coins I started to get interested in the process and philosophy behind crypto and blockchains. When I first found out about NFT’s I was intrigued by the quickness and revolutionary energy around it. It took me some time to understand the underlying values and long term opportunities for the NFT space. But my mind switched when the Terra Virtua team started talking about the merchandise function for NFT’s. Especially now, the biggest challenge as an independent artist is to explore all the different ways for you to be connected to your fans. I believe this space can be a great addition to that connection.”

Can you tell us a bit about the artwork you’re dropping on Terra Virtua? How did that come about? What inspired these pieces? What’s the story behind them?

“All of the artworks are created with Hirad Sab. I started working with Hirad over 5 years ago. The artworks are highlights from our years of working together.  There are three pieces being released:


The original artwork is made for the EP “Children of Silk” that I released in 2015. Children of Silk is about the essence of skin. “If you really strip down all the s**t around you, then there’s just you.” 

MAJORA – 2018

The protector Majora guards over people by giving them masks that cover what’s beneath. The alter ego Majora is a culmination of the alter ego’s that Sevdaliza develops throughout her career. Majora was originally an art project created around the EP “The Calling” 


HUMAN NATURE is a never released hyper realistic, morphed, 3D model of Sevdaliza. The 84 second work comes with original composed, unreleased music by Sevdaliza. Human Nature reaches back to the importance of the naked truth.”

Who are some of the people who inspire you?

Cycle breakers, poets, writers”

What advice do you have for aspiring artists out there?

“Start and don’t sign any long term deals until you have found your path.”

How do you see your work evolving in the future?

“As long as I’m close to myself, my work will keep evolving with me.”

We are so excited what the future has in store for this amazing multimedia artist, and we can’t wait to share her exciting collection with you all. 

Sevdaliza will be unveiling her exclusive new collection during a live exhibition and Q&A, so if you want to be the first in line to see it, and hear about Sevdaliza’s career and creative process, be sure to join us on Twitch, YouTube or Facebook at 4pm BST on 9th June. 

Her artwork will be dropping at 5pm on 9th June, with two of the pieces available on general sale at our marketplace, and one being sold via auction. Don’t worry, we’ll keep you up to date with all the details, just follow us on social media, and don’t forget to follow Sevdaliza too! 



Instagram: @sevdaliza_3

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