Sevdaliza – a journey through music, art, and film: a brief history of her career so far

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Sevdaliza has had an incredible career, paving her own way in the music, art, and film industries, and showing up as a powerful role model for those who want to do things differently. To honour this extremely talented multimedia artist, and celebrate her upcoming NFT collection, we're taking a whistle-stop tour of her illustrious career.

March 2014 – Sevdaliza releases her single “Clear Air” and accompanying music video. This release is followed up with “Sirens of the Caspian” and “Backseat Love”.

January 2015 – The above singles form the backbone of Sevdaliza’s first EP, “The Suspended Kid”, which is produced by Sevdaliza and long-time collaborator Mucky. 

2015 –  A number of music videos are created and released for titles from The Suspended Kid. This includes the video for “That Other Girl” made with Pussykrew. This video was the first warning that Sevdaliza was not settling for average art, and set the tone for her future career as an artistic pioneer.

November 2015 – Sevdaliza creates her own record label “Twisted Elegance” to release her music and retain creative control over her work. Her second album “Children of Silk” is released, with songs including “Marilyn Monroe”, “The Inside” and “Men of Glass” featuring Rome Fortune. The artwork of this project is her first collaboration with Hirad Sab (whom Sevdaliza has collaborated with for her NFT art drop). 

March 2016 – The video for “Marylin Monroe” is released. Marylin Monroe shows “womanhood” beyond the curtain of a quintessential popstar image. Nothing is perfect. “Marilyn channels her fragility because it makes her strong”. This is the first music video with Hirad Sab. 

May 2016 – Sevdaliza works with director Emmanuel Adjei to create and release a poignant film called “The Formula” exploring how “the pain of losing an unborn child destroys balance in marriage and leads to tragedy.” The film features three of Sevdaliza’s own songs: “The Formula”, “The Language of Limbo” and “Mad Woman”.

November 2016 – Pivotal moment in Sevdaliza’s career when the music video for the single Human is released. This music video is a monumental piece in Sevdaliza’s career. 

December 2016 – Unexpected release of a remake of That Other Girl featuring A$AP Ferg who was completely blowing up around that time and totally stepped out of his comfort zone to create this unique remake that is only released on YouTube and Soundcloud with incredible comic artwork by Mickey Cohen. 

January 2017 – In a powerful political move Sevdaliza releases her first Persian-language song, stating that “In protest of the inhumane political climate, I could not rest my head in privilege. I wrote ‘Bebin’ in Farsi, to solidify. I stand strong with love. In this case I choose to avoid mainstream media, because I have no interest in part taking in a victimized concept. Take this message without lights, camera, action. I am solely a messenger. In the brain of love, there is no place for racism nor bigotry.”

February 2017 – a music video for “Amandine Insensible” is released.  “The story of Amandine explores the concept of ‘identity’ in a contemporary world that is rapidly changing due to the disappearance of ‘boundaries’. Amandine is everything you want her to be. An extreme extraction of average life, representing a world where we have become so universal all feelings have disappeared. Paradoxically, this makes you feel uncomfortable. Her life takes place in an infinite white space, composed with minimal objects that represent different facets of the cycle of daily life.”

April 2017 – Sevdaliza releases her first studio album titled ISON featuring 16 tracks including “Libertine”, “Hubris”, and “Hero”. This self-released album is highly rated by critics including Pitchfork, and many others, as well as being loved by fans. 

January 2018 – First Sevdaliza world tour “The Wanderess” which takes her and the band to cities in Australia, Europe, North America and Asia.

March 2018 – The EP “The Calling” is released for digital download. Tracks include “Human Nature”, “Soothsayer”, and “5D”. Around this EP Hirad Sab created the incredible immersive experience Majora. The protector Majora guards over people by giving them masks that cover what’s beneath. The alter ego Majora is a culmination of the alter ego’s that Sevdaliza develops throughout her career. (Sidenote: Mejora is one of the pieces of artwork being released by Svedaliza on Terra Virtua.)

2018 – Sevdaliza is nominated for four awards at the Shark Music Video Awards. She is nominated for Best Colour Editing for “Hear My Pain Heal”, and Best Music Video for “Shahmaran”, and WINS Best Cinematography and Writing/Idea/Concept for “Shahmaran”. 

March 2019 – Runway debut at Paris Fashion Week for Y-Project

August 2020 – Her latest album Shabrang is released, and one of the tracks from the album “Habibi” is nominated for Best Song at the Berlin Music Awards. This album includes iconic artwork that visualizes the internal and external struggles that created growth since the release of ISON. The music video for “Habibi” is also the first self directed music video by Sevdaliza, created together with Anastasia Kolavalova.

January 2021 – Iconic runway show and leading role in the brand movie for Iris van Herpen.

June 2021 – Sevdaliza joins Terra Virtua, for her very first NFT art drop! 

That is a pretty jam packed 8 years, and that’s just the highlights! This doesn’t even include all the hard work behind the scenes coming up with groundbreaking concepts, or the incredible collaboration with The Mint Fund who fights for the same people that made Sevdaliza the artist that she is today. Sevdaliza is an incredible creative artist, and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for her. 

For now, we are excited to be partnering with her to bring her first NFT artworks to you. If you want to find out more about this hugely talented artist, join us live on 9th June as we talk to the woman herself. 

Sevdaliza will be unveiling her exclusive new collection during a live exhibition and Q&A, so if you want to be the first in line to see it, and hear about Sevdaliza’s career and creative process, be sure to join us on Twitch, YouTube or Facebook at 4pm BST on 9th June. 

Her artwork will be dropping at 5pm on 9th June, with two of the pieces available on general sale at our marketplace, and one being sold via auction. Don’t worry, we’ll keep you up to date with all the details, just follow us on social media, and don’t forget to follow Sevdaliza too! 



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