Nasser Azam’s Terra Virtua NFT Art Journey Begins With ‘Platinum Queen’

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In his first NFT art collection for Terra Virtua, the globally popular and respected artist Nasser Azam is making a royal entrance...

Platinum Queen

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On June 2nd, 2022, Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II will become the first British monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee after 70 years of service. To commemorate The Queen’s historic reign, we’ve launched the ‘Platinum Queen’ collection, a unique and exclusive set of 70 Special Rarity 1/1 NFTs by the legendary artist Nasser Azam.

‘Platinum Queen’ is a collection of 10 artworks with seven colour variations each, all based on Nasser Azam’s 2020 portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. The bespoke original mixed-media painting currently resides in the artist’s private collection, and is valued at $320,000.

Each 1/1 ‘Platinum Queen’ artwork features one of 10 different facemasks in one of seven different colours, inspired by Azam’s ‘Antarctica’ series of paintings. In this special collection, each colour represents one of the seven decades of Her Majesty’s rule, and the date of each decade’s anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation features prominently on the right-hand side of each artwork.

This is a truly historic NFT art collection – and when each variation is purchased, it’s gone for good…

Available on our Marketplace:

10 x 2D Special Rarity NFT artworks, 7 variations each, 1 NFT minted per variation (total 70 1/1 variations) – $1500 each 

The groundbreaking and globally respected artist Nasser Azam has cemented his status as an international favourite, and a true creative icon

Nasser Azam is a London-based contemporary artist, and established his reputation during the early 1980s with exhibitions at galleries in Birmingham and the West Midlands.

In 2007, Azam became Artist in Residence at the County Hall Gallery in London, mounting a series of major exhibitions of early and recent work in April 2008 that included his critically acclaimed ‘Anatomica’ paintings. In February 2008, a monumental bronze sculpture titled ‘The Dance’ was unveiled on London’s South Bank. This was followed in July 2012 by the unveiling of ‘Athena’ in London City Airport; measuring over 12 metres in height, it is the tallest bronze sculpture in the UK. 

Azam has also developed his painting through a series of projects that reflect his interest in painting as a performance, as well as extreme working conditions. Such conditions have included painting aboard parabolic aircraft (which go into freefall to create weightless conditions normally experienced in space) for 2008’s ‘Zero Gravity’, and an expedition into the freezing ice deserts of Antarctica to complete thirteen large paintings in 2010.

Azam unveiled his officially commissioned portrait of Malala Yousafzai (the youngest-ever Nobel Prize laureate) in November 2015 at the Barber Institute of Fine Art in Birmingham, UK. In 2017, following the tenth anniversary of the first-generation iPhone, Azam sourced a collection of the original devices and painted on them for a series of artworks titled ‘Phone Painting’; one of the phones was purchased by Apple cofounder Steven Wozniak. In 2019, London’s famous Saatchi Gallery hosted ‘Nasser Azam: Saiful Malook’, the artist’s most comprehensive solo exhibition to date.

Azam’s work is included in numerous private and public collections, including the Zabludowicz Collection and The Sovereign Art Foundation.

Nasser Azam Artist Platinum Queen NFT Collection Terra Virtua Jubilee
Nasser Azam Platinum Queen NFT Art Collection Terra Virtua Antarctica Jubilee

A history-making artwork, reflecting 70 years of innovation

“The reign of Queen Elizabeth II has seen the world progress from the rebuilding of the destructions of war, through the era of space exploration, to a time of greater diversity and the spread of democracy all over the world. With Platinum Queen, I wanted to reflect on her historic seventy years of reign over the tremendous advancements in pop, art, culture, humanity, science and technology, and capture her longevity and impact that will be felt for generations to come.” – Nasser Azam

Terra Virtua and Nasser Azam encourage the British people and all global citizens to uplift one another, celebrate 70 years of historic advancements, and embrace a brand-new cultural force during this powerful digital revolution. Let’s turn The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee into a unique moment in time that will make this world a better place for the future.

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