Jim Wheat Celebrates The Queen’s Historic Jubilee With ‘Royal Platinum Disruptives’

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Jim Wheat is adding an exclusive royal flourish to his celebrated Heroes and Villains collection...

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Dollarsandart creator Jim Wheat has been collaborating with Terra Virtua on his extensive ‘Heroes and Villains’ project for almost a year, dropping some truly epic and thought-provoking NFT art pieces into our Marketplace along the way. In this latest addition to the ‘Heroes and Villains’ collection, Jim celebrates The Queen of England’s Platinum Jubilee as only he can…

Royal Platinum Disruptives

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of England first ascended to the throne in 1952, and became Britain’s longest-reigning monarch in 2015. Now, 70 years after her destiny-fulfilling appointment, the British people are celebrating The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with a huge range of events and creative projects.

Standing out from the revelry, Jim Wheat’s exclusive limited edition NFT art collection ‘Royal Platinum Disruptives’ comprises a set of neon pop-art portrait grids featuring members of the Royal Family presented against printed rows of pound signs and official Platinum Jubilee crests.

Each piece is beautifully animated in the classic Dollarsandart style, encapsulating the colourful past, present, and future of the British monarchy in a once-in-a-lifetime collection of vibrant NFT artworks.

Versions available on our NFT Marketplace:

The Queen: 10 minted at $1000 

The Queen and Prince Philip: 10 minted at $500

The Royal Family: 10 minted at $500

Will and Kate: 10 minted at $500

Having used creativity as a way through tough times, Jim Wheat shares his path to art and reflects on the "dream lifestyle"

In the early 90s, Jim Wheat started on what he thought was his lifelong career path as he began a degree in civil engineering. As part of his master’s degree, Jim jumped at the chance to undergo a yearlong placement in the USA, kickstarting his love of travel and exploration.

After the 2008 financial crash, Jim needed a new direction. He founded Dollarsandart, a creative outlet that allowed him to express his own experiences. But the project’s role was also much larger, as Jim aimed to highlight the complexity and curious value we assign to objects, materials, and cultural symbols such as the U.S. dollar and sand, arguably two of the most iconic symbols of the Middle Eastern “dream lifestyle”. 

As Jim explains, “The universal symbol of the $ seemed to impact and influence so many decisions, providing the motivation for and the limitation of many of our decisions in life. I decided that the dollar, for all its pros and cons, along with grains of sand in nature and in industry, would be a central feature of my work as Dollarsandart was born.”

This is not Jim’s first NFT collection in partnership with Terra Virtua – he also released the first part of his collection ‘Heroes and Villains‘ in 2021, and presented a Valentine’s collection called ‘Love and Cherish‘ in February 2022, much to the delight of his fans.

Jim Wheat NFT Artist Dollarsandart Photo April 2022 Terra Virtua
Jim Wheat Dollarsandart NFT Art Artist Terra Virtua

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