Getting to know Marcel van Luit – the man behind magic

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To say that Marcel van Luit is a big name in the art business is a bit of an understatement, and the fact he’s joining the Terra Virtua family is something we are unbelievably excited about.

If you’re not familiar with Marcel’s work, you might be wondering why we’re so hyped about this collaboration. And to be honest, the easiest way to understand our excitement is to simply take a look at his work. ‘Beautiful’ doesn’t even come close. Marcel’s pieces are simply sublime, blending different elements of the natural world, to highlight the wonder and beauty to be found in everything around us. 

But where do you even start in creating something this special? For Marcel, it came hot on the heels of a personal struggle. Shortly after the birth of his son, Marcel was diagnosed with a rare condition called Guillain Barre Syndrome, which left him paralysed for a significant period. 

As an aid to his recovery, Marcel delved into the creative arts, and has never looked back. And, honestly, the world is a better place for it! 

A style unlike any other

Combining his love of photography and painting, Marcel began creating stunning images, inspired by the natural world. For Marcel, his artwork is about bringing back the wonder and awe we experience as children, through the magic of art. He’s best known for creating dreamy, evocative images that are layered with meaning and deep symbolism about core themes such as hope, trust and love. 

Animals and people often play a central role in his work, combined with, and enhanced by, elements of fantasy and wonder. Over the years Marcel has developed a unique and very distinct style that cannot be replicated (though many have tried). 

Not surprisingly, Marcel’s work has been displayed in some of the most renowned galleries and museums in the world, with exhibitions in France, Belgium, China, Brazil and the USA to name just a few. Sharing his work and his passion for art with the world is incredibly important to Marcel, and he takes great pride in producing high end artwork that any gallery would be lucky to display. 

But something else Marcel loves to do is to work on commissioned artwork, and he continues to delight private collectors with his exclusive pieces. This includes some extremely well-known names such as Paris Hilton, who has stated that the portrait Marcel created for her is one of her favourite pieces of art. 

Transition to NFTs – A vision come to life

When you’re working with people at this level, it’s safe to say that you’ve made it. But what blows us away most about Marcel is how incredibly humble he is. For Marcel, it’s not about the fame, or the celebrity friends. It’s about the art, and creating an experience that his fans and collectors can immerse themselves in completely; to help them see the world as a child might, and enjoy the fantastic worlds Marcel creates, in as much detail and richness as possible. 

Marcel has always been passionate about creating artwork that could be experienced with the whole self. He’s worked in partnership with many creative people to blend his art with other mediums such as music, animations, and even food. So, for Marcel, the transition to NFTs is a natural evolution of his process, and a complement to his style; a way to present his work in the way he has always envisioned it would be.  

And soon, his brand new collection, dropping on Terra Virtua soon, will bring that vision to life in a whole new way, and we cannot wait for you all to see it! 

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