Getting to Know Amrita Sethi – the new noise in NFT art

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Connecting with insanely talented artists, like the incredible Amrita Sethi, is one of the best things about what we do at Terra Virtua.

When Amrita agreed to join the platform as one of our first artists, we knew from the off that she was going to be a huge player in the NFT art space. Not only was her work awesome, but she also just ‘got’ the world of digital collectibles and NFTs. Her enthusiasm for what she does and the digital art world is contagious and we are so excited about her vision for the future of her work and NFTs in general.

But that’s jumping ahead a bit. So let’s go back to the beginning. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Amrita’s work, she has pioneered a new artistic technique called Voice Note Art ©. In short, she picks a word or phrase, speaks it aloud, uses the sound waves of that word/phrase as the template and then illustrates relevant images to fit within the contours of the sound wave. If that wasn’t cool enough, she then animates it, bringing it all together in a stunning visual display. (There’s obviously a lot more to it than that, but that’s the simple version. We’ll be doing a deeper dive into Amrita’s process in the future, so keep an eye on our blogs and socials). 

That’s a brief overview of Amrita’s amazing work, but what about the artists herself? How did she come to be in the NFT space? What inspired her to create a brand new artistic method? 


One of the coolest things about Amrita is her super interesting background. She was born and raised in Kenya, is a British citizen of Indian origin, who has lived in Switzerland, Zimbabwe, Uganda, and the United Kingdom, before moving to Dubai in 2007. Having lived such a globe trotting life, it’s no wonder that places and cultures play an important role in her artwork. 

As Amrita told us; ‘my art reflects my international diversity and combines the sweetness of tradition and storytelling with the energy and technology of the modern world.’ 

Another awesome thing about Amrita’s story is that her path to becoming a world-famous artist isn’t what you might expect. Despite being a lifelong art lover, it wasn’t until recently that art became such a central part of her own life. In fact, it comes on the heels of a successful 15 year-long career in the financial sector, working with some of the world’s largest multinational banks and insurance companies. After reaching a natural peak of her career, Amrita was excited to explore something new, and felt a calling to pursue art in some form. 

Amrita began playing with different artistic styles, often combining digital approaches with physical, creating murals, wooden panels, and 3D printed pieces. But it was the digital aesthetic that always appealed to her, and even in her physical pieces you can see influences from classic digital styles. It was by experimenting with all these different methods that Amrita finally established her signature style, and began incorporating sound, as well as visual into her artwork. 

Intro to digital art & NFTs

In 2019 Amrita developed her first Voice Note Art piece, originally coming up with the concept as a gift for her husband. After sharing the idea with a few friends, she made the brave decision to showcase it at World Art Dubai, which resulted in her winning the “Outstanding Artist Award” that year. She was also asked to create installations at Art Dubai and the Asia Contemporary Art Fair in Hong Kong, and was commissioned to paint 3 murals at the iconic Souk Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai, highlighting the vibrancy of the area.

After her award winning appearance at World Art Dubai, Amrita and her art were selected for the prestigious Expo 2020. Unfortunately Expo 2020 didn’t go ahead that year due to the pandemic, but that didn’t stop Amrita pursuing her passion. 

Amrita continued to explore the world of digital art, which ultimately led to her discovery of NFTs and cryptoart. After meeting and forming an immediate bond with the founders of Terra Virtua, it wasn’t long before she was being brought onboard as one of the OG artists, and began showcasing her incredible works on the platform. 

She set about creating stunning collections featuring well-known locations around the globe, common phrases, and even the year we all want to forget (but can’t): 2020. Unsurprisingly, art loving Terra Virtuans were in awe of her work, snapping pieces up across the board, and she has continued to produce new and exciting pieces for collectors to enjoy. 

What’s next for Amrita Sethi?

One of the most exciting parts about Amrita and her artwork is that she’s constantly exploring, experimenting, and evolving. While her current pieces focus on illustration and animation, that’s certainly not where she plans to end. Amrita told us that she sees almost infinite potential in terms of what NFT art can be in the future, and is excited about how new technology can make art more interesting, and she plans to incorporate 3D, VR, AI and so much more into upcoming pieces. 

It’s therefore safe to say that Amrita has no intention to slow down on her creative journey, in fact she’s got big, big plans for what comes next. 

In fact, she may, or may, not be working on something very special right now….

Naturally, we can’t say too much, but we happen to know that Amrita is working on a super exciting new project, evolving her original Voice Note Art concept into something new and groundbreaking. 

As she prepares to unveil this incredible new project, we’d recommend keeping an eye on our socials, because if you’re a fan of Amrita’s, this is something you’re not going to want to miss. 

For now though, head over to our marketplace and explore all the incredible work Amrita has done so far, and enjoy seeing sound come to life. 

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