Breaking stereotypyes with cryptoart: Introducing ‘Africa Blockchain’ by Amrita Sethi

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We are excited to be presenting a brand new artwork by Amrita Sethi, as she uses her innovative Voice Note Art to explore a new narrative around the future of Africa, and how we can use blockchain to level the playing field.

As a resident of the world, Amrita Sethi has deep connections with many nations and cultures. One of which is Africa, a place close to her heart, and the focus on latest Voice Note Art masterpiece, ‘Africa Blockchain ‘ – “I am a product of Africa. I am third generation Kenyan of Indian heritage and I’ve also lived in Zimbabwe and Uganda.”

Telling Stories and Honouring Cultures

When we spoke to Amrita about this stunning piece she explained how important storytelling and community is for her. “Voice note art is all about telling stories. The story I want to create is a new narrative for Africa. We need to move away from the story of black and white images of famine, poverty and war to colourful expression of a continent gifted with an abundance of natural resources, a hungry young population and emerging technologies that can help leapfrog 1.3 billion people into financial freedom.”

The piece perfectly encapsulates the vibrancy, colour and joy of African culture, but as Amrita points out these are not often the first things that comes to mind when thinking about this part of the world.

But that’s entirely the point. 

“It’s time to change the tune, beat to a new drum and to show what blockchain can do to break some of the chains of stereo typical narratives. We need to give voices to the voiceless but not to tell a tale of woe to attract pity and handouts but a fresh story that speaks of hope, technology, empowerment and connectivity not just within the 54 countries but with the rest of the world.”

Blockchain in Africa? 

Yep, while Africa is known best for its wildlife and savannas, it’s also a place of innovation, community and storytelling, which is also, coincidentally, what NFTs, blockchain, and Amrita’s work is about. “Humans love through stories and there are so many stories handed down from generation to generation especially in the African culture. Stories of great kings and chiefs and warriors. It’s a continent full of life and full of creativity. It’s also a continent that has preserved and the protector of some of the most beautiful animals on this planet and that in its self deserves global gratitude.”

“It’s time to focus on potential, and it’s time to level the playing field – technology and blockchain can do that.”

About Amrita’s Upcoming Auction

“Africa Blockchain” Voice note Art is being released as a 2D Image. 

The Auction will begin at 10AM UK time on the 28th June and close at 6PM UK time on the 29th June, with a minimum opening Bid of $5000

But this isn’t just any auction.

This amazing piece also comes with special VIP features that are unlocked according to the bid submitted. 

  • VIP Tier 1 ($15,000) – VIP Ticket for NexChange Event USD
  • VIP Tier 2 ($20,000) – Personalised artwork – includes custom image within the “African Blockchain” Voice note Art
  • VIP Tier 3 ($25,000) – Personalised 2D Animation – includes custom image and sound within the “African Blockchain” Voice note Art

For Amrita, the VIP tiers offer a new way to explore and appreciate the African Blockchain artwork, but also the future of Africa; ” the VIP features allow people to write their story into the Africa blockchain story. To be part of the experience, which is something very special.” 

Terms and Conditions:
1. VIP ticket to access to the blockchain events organised by NexChange for a year until June 2022
2. Personalised image- one unique item/ image to be added to the artwork by the artist of the buyer’s choice for eg image of a person/ logo/ specific building. This will create a new customised 2D image of“African Blockchain” Voice note Art.
3. Personalised 2D Animation – one unique item/ image to be added to the artwork by the artist of the buyer’s choice as well as a customised voice note sound saying “African Blockchain” to be added to the 2D Animation. The animation will be of similar style to the “Dubai” 2020 Animation for eg
4. When Tier 2 or Tier 3 get activated the original minted artwork will be burned and highest tier artwork will remain the 1 of 1
5. Full artistic license its with artist and no changes can be made
6. The new artworks will be delivered within 2 months of all the personalised information / images/ sounds received by the artist from the buyer

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