A collection with he(art) from digital trailblazer Jim Wheat puts love in the air with ‘Love & Cherish’

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Jim Wheat is back with a love-inspired collection to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the metaverse.

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Monday 14th February at 3pm GMT | 10am ET | 7am PT

Dollarsandart creator Jim Wheat’s new NFT collection ‘Love & Cherish’ has landed for Valentine’s Day. Now you can share the love with a truly unique gift for that special person in your life, or for yourself (we won’t judge!).

Purple Rain
Red Roses

Love & Cherish

‘Love & Cherish’ is an original, fascinating, and evocative Valentine’s NFT artwork series, based on Jim Wheat’s original 2016 screen-print, ‘Love & Cherish’.

This collection is made up of twelve varied artworks, each with twelve numbered editions. Each variant in the edition is a one-of-a-kind piece of collectible NFT artwork, featuring a unique combination of beautiful colours.

Every individual NFT comes with a poem written by the artist. 

Versions available in the Marketplace:

Red Rose – 12 available, $100 
Royal Blue – 12 available, $100 
Mint Green – 12 available, $100 
Sunshine Yellow – 12 available, $100 
Marshmallow Pink – 12 available, $100 
Baby Blue – 12 available, $100 
Sunrise Orange – 12 available, $100 
Gorgeous Golden – 12 available, $100 
Purple Rain – 12 available, $100 
Loving Lilac – 12 available, $100 
Diamond Sparkle – 12 available, $100 
Candy Rainbow – 12 available, $100 

Having used creativity as a way through tough times, Jim Wheat shares what made him fall in love with art, leading to his latest NFT collection

In the early 90s, Jim Wheat started on what he thought was his lifelong career path as he began a degree in civil engineering. As part of his master’s degree, Jim jumped at the chance to undergo a yearlong placement in the USA, kickstarting his love of travel and exploration.

After the 2008 financial crash, Jim needed a new direction. He founded Dollarsandart, a creative outlet that allowed him to express his own experiences. But the project’s role was also much larger, as Jim aimed to highlight the complexity and curious value we assign to objects, materials, and cultural symbols such as the U.S. dollar and sand, arguably two of the most iconic symbols of the Middle Eastern ‘dream lifestyle’. 

As Jim explains, “The universal symbol of the $ seemed to impact and influence so many decisions, providing the motivation for and the limitation of many of our decisions in life. I decided that the dollar, for all its pros and cons, along with grains of sand in nature and in industry, would be a central feature of my work as Dollarsandart was born.”

This is not Jim’s first NFT collection in partnership with Terra Virtua – he also released his collection ‘Heroes and Villains‘ in 2021, much to the delight of his fans.

Jim Wheat Painting
Jim Wheat Dollarsandart NFT Art Artist Terra Virtua

Join the artistic revolution, powered by LOVE this Valentine's Day!

Here at Terra Virtua, we stand for artistic revolution, and believe in the powerful message of LOVE which the ‘Love & Cherish’ collection represents: 

“LOVE transcends boundaries both online and offline, where the human heart, packed full of emotion, is celebrated.

Technology has its place of course, but nothing can beat the power and authenticity of the human heart.

Love yourself, love all – join the reLOVEution.”

We now invite you to join us, allow yourself to feel, and take a fascinating journey into the world of Love, where you can gift yourself – or the person most special to you – a precious, unique, and exclusive NFT (which comes with a poem written by Jim Wheat) for Valentine’s Day.

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