Current vacancies

Virtua is on a mission to reinvent collecting and we’re always looking for passionate people to join the team and focus on growing our community.

Who we are:

Virtua is disrupting the $62bn global collectibles & merchandise market by taking it into the metaverse. Built on top of blockchain technology, Virtua is both a marketplace for NFTs on Polygon and also a fully immersive ecosystem, allowing the user to not just own a collectible, but to interact with it too.
With existing Hollywood movie studio partnerships in place such as Legendary Entertainment and Paramount Pictures, Virtua has released NFTs of Top Gun, The Godfather, Lost in Space, Pacific Rim and Godzilla vs. Kong movie.
Outside of the Hollywood studios, Virtua has built a virtual reality art gallery and held live-streamed art exhibitions with some of the biggest digital art collectors as well as world-famous artists such as Tim Cantor, and launched the world’s first NFT only graphic novel by the super talented writer and illustrator, Nick Percival. 
Most recently, we announced a partnership with Dynamite Entertainment, making some of its best-loved artwork and comics available as NFTs to collect.  
Not content with our success to date, we’re taking Virtua to mass audiences and want to be synonymous with NFTs (non-fungible tokens) – democratising them in the process – and doing so in a sustainable manner that leaves a minimal carbon footprint.

There are no current vacancies but keep a look here and on our LinkedIn for more.