the team

Co-founder & CHAIRMAN

Gary Bracey

This BAFTA-nominated co-founder is a true pioneer of the tech and gaming industries. (And reminds us all of Chris Cringle!)

co-founder & cEO

Jawad Ashraf

The first in line to download his brain to an artificial intelligence bot, Jawad is the Yoda of all things technical.


Anoop Lal

In true CFO style, Anoop loves an Excel spreadsheet and plotting our growth on numerous charts.


Pierre Dadd

Ex Disney & Lego marketing supremo, Pierre joined the Virtua team to bring mass-market appeal to our crypto led world.


Jeff Holmberg

Master of the crypto-art world, Jeff loves reminding the Brits on the team that he’s a Lord after buying a plot of land in Scotland.


Doug Dyer

What Doug doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing plus he’s our own encyclopedia on all things sports!

Head of business development

Ash Mohamed

Our secret weapon; Ash is the brains and ideas guy whose enthusiasm and passion for all things Virtua is infectious.


Donna Chen

Head of APAC

Vito Lee

Fluent in 4 languages, Vito heads up our APAC division growing and engaging community and B2B partnerships.

Head of Social Media

Josh Harris

Guru for all things digital, Josh has joined Virtua to shake up our social community. 

Art Community growth associate

Rudy King

New York Artist, living the dream in LA  while growing the Virtua Artist family.


Crypto advisor

Dan Hibell

Pharmacist by day, Crypto God by night. Dan is our very own superhero of the crypto world.


Jaka Kotnik

A superfan turned ambassador turned employee, Jaka is a huge collector and NFT enthusiast.


Abraham Bayo-Tofowomo

Computer science major crypto enthusiast ambassador turned employee.

community manager (asia)

Ifty Qasim

Our link with Asia and the one who never turns his camera on for meetings, Ifty is a powerhouse of community management.