Welcome to the Metaverse.

Imagine a world where you can constantly reinvent yourself. A world where you can socialise with like-minded others in a vast virtual space that you can truly call home. A place where you can explore, hang out, purchase land, build properties, own and use all kinds of amazing assets, and be included in a community that shares your favourite passions.

At Virtua, we’re building the world you just imagined – a sustainable metaverse platform that provides immersive social, gaming, digital collectible and creative experiences, through NFTs and blockchain technology. We also collaborate with major brand partners across entertainment, art, music, sport, blockchain, crypto, and gaming to pioneer new ways to immerse yourself in everything you love.

We’ve been at the forefront of the Web3, metaverse, and NFT industries for over half a decade, and our team of experts are completely dedicated to giving our ever-expanding community a metaverse experience that delivers everything they want and need.

Along the way, we’ve worked with amazing brands and creatives from superstar comedian Kevin Hart to Legendary Entertainment (Godzilla vs. Kong, Pacific Rim, Lost in Space), Cardano/IOG, Williams Racing, Elvis Presley, Stephen Colbert, the Hero Indian Super League, Dynamite Entertainment, Shelby American, platinum-selling songwriter and artist Ross Golan, a huge range of prestigious visual artists including Tim Cantor, Nick Percival, Amrita Sethi, John Taylor Dismukes, and many more.

Within the Virtua metaverse, you’ll be able to connect with your favourite brands, creatives, entertainers, and sports teams in ways that have never been possible before, and get real value and utility from the NFTs we develop through our brand partnerships.

As you’re reading this, you’re now officially a part of the Virtua community – so feel free to stay in touch with us through Discord, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Reddit, TikTok, or Medium – and sign up to our mailing list!